Being Arrogant is Healthy

July 25, 2012

I'm the man, said Mario BalotelliImage from

I guess, none of you would agree with the above title, just as my friend who didn't agree with this kind of expression. Being arrogant is healthy? Are you kidding me? That kind of question will come out from your mind instantly. How come?

Free your mind! Try to think above title with a very simple way!

Can you be proud, if you're sick?

Can you be proud, if you don't have any money at all?

Can you be proud, if you're in trouble?
Stress with your job, or tired with your Boss's attitude, for instance. If so, what can you be proud of from your work?

You can feel of being arrogant, only if..

You are healthy, physically and mentally
If you're mentally ill, then others will think that you are crazy. A person with mental illness, sometimes is acting of being arrogant to hide his real condition.

Cash in your wallet thick
Instead of contains with dozens of credit cards, your wallet must have contained with dozens of debit cards. Your account scattered in various banks, or other financial institutions. You can't buy your friend drinks to show off yourself, if you don't have enough money.


Sometimes we haven't notice, that what we just said to others, was considered as an arrogant speech. Even after we realized what we have said, we were too stubborn to apologize.

Although being arrogant means that you are healthy person, but it's better for us to keep our profile lower as possible. You don't have to feel stress, if anyone had ignored you for what you've done. Silence is golden becomes the key after the incident. Better of listening to other, despite of starting new conversation.

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