List of 50 .edu Blogs for Building Backlinks (2)

February 14, 2013

Having backlinks from .edu sites are treasures for webmasters. But, spammer webmasters had caused troubles to the .edu sites admin. Due to spam comments, many .edu blogs had closed their blogs account, or changed the URL address.

To minimize spam comments, several .edu blogs have turned off the comment form. Some .edu blog also can only be commented by registered users, such as students, teachers, and staff.

The new .edu blogs list below is the second chapter of my previous post List of 50 .edu Blogs for Building Backlinks. The .edu blogs in the list below are different from the previous list.

Most .edu blogs will only give you nofollow backlinks. But, having many nofollow backlinks will not harm to your sites. It would be considered as natural link building. Having many .edu backlinks will get your sites more visible, gain more trust and reputation from the search engines.

Just remember one thing! Do not spam! Place your site URL only on the available form, and do not use an anchor text of your URL on your comments! Also, use your real name and not keywords of your products or anything else!

  1. Medical Billing and Coding Online Blog
  2. Ross Pendergraft Library & Technology Center
  3. Senate blog
  4. Facts from the Stacks
  5. The Berkeley Blog
  6. Library Sleevefacing
  7. Science at Brandeis Blog
  8. 24700
  9. Ask Doctoral Advising
  10. HeartSong
  11. College of Charleston Admissions
  12. Colgate University News
  13. Climate Law Blog
  14. COBBlog
  15. AgSci Major News
  16. Cornell Fellows
  17. Official Blog of CSN President Dr. Michael D. Richards
  18. Career Services
  19. WDCV-FM
  20. Undergraduate Admission
  21. Emory Anime Club
  22. Department of Marriage and Family Therapy @ Fairfield University
  23. Hue Too
  24. The Pollak Library Blog
  25. Colleen Curran \'11
  26. IE Business School
  27. The Sheridan Libraries Blog
  28. KCAI Alumni Blog
  29. Wailele a me Wailani
  30. Livin' Loyno
  31. LSU Libraries Special Collections Blog
  32. Arts Alive
  33. Fishing in the Bay
  34. Newman Ambassadors
  35. PowerSchool
  36. Be Well
  37. Dr. Andy Newcomb
  38. Notes on Design
  39. Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
  40. AHA!@Stanford
  41. Health Sciences Libraries
  42. UF Forensic Science Blog
  43. Monday Morning
  44. UNM Anime Club
  45. Assessment Matters
  46. Going Places
  47. UVM Blogs
  48. Darden School of Business Admissions Blog
  49. Ethics and Climate
  50. Willamette World News

Search engine optimization (SEO) method by blog commenting on .edu and .gov sites is still the best way to get free backlinks from high pagerank and authority sites. But, SEO is also just an opinion. No one ever knew that more backlinks from high pagerank and authority sites, will get your sites on top of search engine result pages (SERPs) for your keywords.

I once saw a new born blog with only one post, which was able to be on page 1 Google result for certain queries that I typed. How come? The Google search algorithms was responsed to the only indexed post of the new born blog from its post title.

Blog title, page title and post title are all important for your sites, or blog posts to be on page 1 SERPs. And again, SEO is an opinion, if you believe that having many backlinks from .edu and .gov sites, will drive traffic to your sites by being on page 1 SERPs for your target keywords, you better check above .edu blogs! But, please! Do not spam!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Very good idea..But please tell me what you think?No follow links will help to rank well or not.I have a blog but till now i am not getting high pr like you and no success.What the reason please guide me.

    1. Do on-page and off-page SEO! That's all I know.

  2. Thanks for this tips i’ve learn a great methods to find good links.
    Thanks !


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