How to Get Rid of Being Sleepy

June 14, 2012

My Sleepy Child

Drowsiness, or being sleepy is the enemy for those who have tight schedules. And when it suddenly attacks, not only you will feel lazy, but also will lead to difficulty on concentrating. Especially in this month, when Europhoria comes to attack on those who like to stay up late at night, watching live football match (just like me). Also for those of you who like to hang out until late at night, whereas in the morning, you have to go to work.

Well, below tips will help you to overcome the drowsiness that often attacking your activity.

Quick Nap

Some people suggested that sleeping less than 30 minutes during the day, can make the body will feel more tired than not taking a nap at all. But according to Barry Krakow, M.D, author of Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night, he suggested that you should not take a nap more than once. Take a nap for 5 to 25 minutes, said Barry.

Try to take your rest hour of work for a nap! At least wait for 15 minutes after having your lunch, just like I used to do. Eventhough I'm only slept for about 5 to 15 minutes, I feel more fresh after wake up from a quick nap. How? First, I had to give a suggestion on myself, by casting this Javanese spell Saking kersaning Gusti Allah, niat ingsun turu limang menit, rasane kaya limang jam, which translate as Wishing to the almighty God, willing to sleep for five minutes, feels like five hours. It was surely worked on me. One thing you should remember when you are using this spell, is that not to raise, or change the number 5 with 8 or 10. I've done it, and it makes me feel more lazy, because it is like you just wake up from 8 or 10 hour of sleeping.


When drowsiness suddenly attacks you, it means that your body is dehydrated. You must have a drink. It will be better if you drink water than coffee. Though drinking coffee might be the best sollution to stay awake, due to the active compounds in coffee can increase the body's energy metabolism.

But If you're drinking too much coffee to make you stay awake. You will get tremors, have sleeping problems and often getting insomnia, feeling stressed and uncomfortable. On the other hand, drinking water may also help your body stay awake, due to your blood will fill with lots of oxygen that you get from water. Too much drinking water like I did, help me stay awake, by going to the toilet for every half an hour.

Keep Your Mouth Busy

When you chewing on something, whether it's a bubble gum, candy, or a snack, indirectly will strengthen your muscles and stimulate your body, so that you don't feel sleepy. Talking with your friend while still focussing on your job, might distract the drowsiness that is attacking you.

Energy Saving

Make your body comfortable while you are working. Whether you are working by sitting or standing, your body posture is determined. Poor posture will tire your muscles, ligaments, and joints. You have to work harder than when the body is straight as appropriate. Your body will feel more tired, due to the blood and oxygen, that flows to your brain, are reducing to 30%.

Time Management

Working on a shift work, makes your body unable to distinguish whether it's a day or night. So, you must manage your daily schedule. What time do you have to sleep, eat or doing any routine activity. Try to stay on your schedule! For example:

Shift 1 (8 am to 4 pm)
Work hour from 8 to 4 is the basic hour of daily work. You may wake up at 5 am, breakfast at 6.30 am, lunch at 12 am, dinner at 7 pm, and night sleep starts at 9 pm. Your sleeping time must at least 8 hour a day.

Shift 2 (4 pm to 12 pm)
You should try to stay breakfast at 6.30 am and having lunch at 12 am. You may have your dinner while on the rest hour of work at 7 pm. You can manage your sleeping time between 2 am to 5 am, 8 am to 12 am, and 1 pm to 2 pm. It's really difficult to manage sleeping time on the 2nd shift, because mostly it is your hours of being awake, and gathering with your family.

Shift 3 (12 pm to 8 am)
This shift work is the hardest one, because many work accidents happened on the night shift. Where people are generally using the hour of working to get a night sleep. Try to not to eat at your rest hour of work at 3 am. Use it to get a nap for an hour.

Your breakfast time may disrupted by the night shift work, because you might get home at 9 to 10 am. If you are having late breakfast, then you might also miss your lunch, but you must keep on dinner at 7 pm. The hours of having at home are plenty, especially when you have a day off after the night shift. So, use your time wisely!

Just like a battery, your sleeping time is like a battery's charging time. When a battery is overcharged, it will damage the battery's cells and lower its lifetime. But in human body is different, a baby spent its day by sleeping to grow. After getting older, the sleeping time may have decreased.

When you are sleeping, your body also activated the process of absorbing food nutrients. That's why your eating time schedule will also determine, how valuable is your sleeping time. So, avoid of eating on a different time everyday!

And when you are spending on a straight 10 to 12 hours of sleeping, you may wake up with more tired body, feel lazy to do anything. It's just like an overcharged battery. One thing you should keep in mind is that, your body is not a machine, in which you can turn it on constantly.

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night by Barry Krakow, M.D.
Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night by Barry Krakow, M.D.


  1. These helped me from drowsiness. Thank You.

  2. nice one. keep going, man.

  3. i have seen ur ptofilecause i was curious of your Javanese sentences there...oh the facts you are live in sidoarjo and i think u are javenese too.thank for sharing this cause i have problem with drowsiness and its kill me cause i have tight schedule...i will try ur tips.

    1. Mending pake bhs Indonesia aja mbak! Gak pa pa kok, kalo mbak baca comment policy blog ini. Terima kasih kunjungannya, dan selamat mencoba tips diatas. :-)

  4. Thanks for the tips

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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