Loneliness in Marriage

January 03, 2012

Loneliness by Paul Delvaux (1956)Loneliness by Paul Delvaux (1956)
Photo Credit: WikiPaintings.org

Phenomenon of living together but feels lonely is not new in a marriage.

That midnight, Lucia woke up because listening to Andy, her husband, who is typing. Apparently, he was writing a paper for presentation materials tomorrow morning. That was Andy's habit after work, when there's a meeting with clients the next morning.

Lucia realized, there's something lost inside hers. Lucia felt like a very heavy burden pinned her that makes her difficult to breathe. A woman who was at the top of her career, was shivering, not because of cold, but due to her intense of loneliness. In fact, not far from where she's lying, there's Andy, former boyfriend who almost 8 years live with her.

Why I don't feel like the first time I knew Andy? Why even though I was with him, I feel alone?, shout Lucia in her heart, because her throat feels congested. Lucia wonder, what kind of disease is this? She don't have the courage to talk to Andy, who increasingly do not care her. Lucia is afraid of being refused and considered to be irrational fear. In terms of material, they both are two successful young executive. Luxury homes in the elite. Two new sport cars, two sweet and nice children, and the career that is uphill.

A Cracked Mirror Marriage

Many people thought feeling lonely are for those who are single or not married. No wonder many assumptions that by being married, life is no longer to be alone. However, psychological research now shows that loneliness can strike anyone, especially married women.

So what's behind this phenomenon? The cause is due to the environment and the people around the sufferer are tend to ignore. Social and cultural community that is changing. From the nature of community togetherness, changed to individual, is more concerned with their own interests.

Above is according to the article, but to me, a very important matter of a marriage is that, The Perfect Marriage is not Expecting Perfection. Talk to each other is the key. We can't solve our own problems alone. We need our partner to solve it together. Speak up your mind! Do not hide behind your mask! Be honest to yourself and your partner! And then you won't feel lonely again.

Source : Parents Guide, Dec 2006, page 51.

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