The Magic Leaf of Binahong

January 02, 2012

Binahong or also known by the name Dheng San Chi for the people of China, is a plant used as medicine. It is also an obligatory food for Vietnamese. Binahong grows wild in the wilderness of Vietnam forests. When the invasion of US troops in the Vietnam war, Vietnamese soldiers used Binahong to help them gained their stamina in the fight against the US army. In other words, Binahong helped Vietnam win the war against US.

Binahong leaves

This plant is very quick to heal the wounds either by eat it or smear directly over the wound. Binahong are named in Bahasa Indonesia, Latin name Bassela Rubra Linn (Eng: Heartleaf Maderavine Madevine) of species Anredera cordifolia. Binahong or Anredera cordifolia is thought to originally come from South America.

Here in Indonesia, Binahong is used to cure some diseases. Some leaves are just chewed, or boiled with a glass of water, and then drink along with the waste.

Diseases that can be cured:

  • Acne: 8 leaves taken daily
  • Asthma: 7 leaves taken daily
  • Bleeding Gums: 4 leaves taken daily
  • Burns: 10 leaves taken daily
  • Concussion: 10 leaves taken daily
  • Diabetes: 11 leaves taken daily
  • Dysentery: 10 leaves taken daily
  • Eczema: 10 to 15 leaves taken daily
  • Expires Surgical: 20 leaves taken daily
  • Fractures : 10 to 20 leaves taken daily
  • Keeping Stamina: 1 leaf every day
  • Inflammation of The Kidney: 7 pieces of leaves taken daily
  • Inflammation of The Lung: 10 leaves taken daily
  • Menstrual Irregularities: 3 leaves taken daily
  • Swollen Intestine: 3 leaves taken daily
  • Tuberculosis: 10 leaves taken daily

Note: In such cases of heavy disease, it may take from 1 until 6 month for curing the disease.

Binahong is also useful for curing cancer. How? Dried up the leaf, then boiled and drink it every day. However, the tuber can also be dried, then finely ground, then put in a capsule and drink 3 times a day.

Thanks to this binahong leaf, which had made my son's skin burn healed fast. I described this on my previous post.

Source : Binahong sebagai obat kencing manis, sesak nafas, darah rendah, radang ginjal, muntah-muntah, gegar otak ringan.


  1. Where do we buy this plant from in how will we get it if know please send me an E-mail at

    1. Sorry, but I do not know. I once tried to grow the plant in my own garden, but would not grow.

    2. Are you still interested in getting a plant? what country do you live in? if you are in UK I can maybe post it to you. Moi

  2. I not sure if this blog is still active. I came across this after doing some research to try and identify this plant. I was told it was called 'Cay Tam That' in Vietnamese but this just lead me to Ginseng. I have this in my garden and wanted to know what it was called in English and it's uses, my parents and relatives swear by it.

    1. Sure, it is still active. Do some research more! I also do swear with I had written. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    2. I have been doing some research too and wanted to know the Western names so I can read up. Latin name; Bassela Rubra Linn. There are many other names: Madeira-vine, heartleaf madeiravine (En); vigne de madère (Fr); enredadera del mosquito, para de madeira (Sp); 藤三七, 川七 (Cn) or Dheng San Chi.

      hopes that helps.


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