Suffering from Skin Burn

January 02, 2012

Michael carried a doll
Tunjungan Plasa, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, Dec 18, 2009

My son Michael once experienced a stage 4 burns on his right arm, right ear to the eyebrow. His age was 13 months at the time. It happened, when my mother was going to make a tea. When she was going to take a tea strainer, my mother did not notice that Michael was behind her. Suddenly, he pulled the glass which filled with hot water and tea.

Michael’s right arm
Michael’s right arm

Michael’s right ear
Michael’s right ear
Michael had his skin burn at Feb 13, 2009

My frantic mother and wife, immediately brought Michael to the bathroom. They gave his injuries with toothpaste. That was a wrong action, which was supposed to dip him, into the bathtub filled with water, to reduce the burning sensation on his skin. My panic mother and wife took Michael to the hospital. But in the ER, the doctor was handled severely. It maked my wife was unable to watch Michael's pain. He was crying out loud in the ER.

The doctor action was only skinning Michael's swollen skin, that filled with water due to reaction of burning sensation. Doctor then only prescribed Burnazin ointment.

I considered Michael suffered to be stage 4 burns after 2 months later. My wife friend's daughter also suffered stage 4 burns which was also prescribed the same ointment. But the different was her fate. She was only managed to survive for 2 weeks in hospital. She was suffered 40% burns in all her body. From stomach below to the feet. Her reproductive organ suffered skin burns. Her age was 11 days older than Michael.

I was still at work that when the incident happened. The next day, my friend advised me to smear it with Binahong leaves. He gave me about 5 Binahong leaves. I washed Binahong leaves with water, finely crushed, and stored it in the fridge. Burnazin ointment prescription runs out after 2 days of use, but Michael's burn skin still watery, and looked like a fresh beef.

I replaced the ointment with Binahong leaf, which I kept in the fridge. I spread the leaves on Michael's skin, morning and evening, covered it with bandages. Miraculously Michael's burn skin dried instantly after 2 days using Binahong. His wound skin turned into dark color.

Because Michael burns were dry, and no longer covered them with bandages. I then bought Bioplacenton ointment at a pharmacy. I used Bioplacenton until Michael no longer felt the heat on his wound. But now 3 years later, there is a tatoo that marks his arm.

Two weeks later
Two weeks later

What is Binahong leaf?

Binahong leaves
Binahong leaves

I will describe it here..

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