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September 27, 2012

What is Nofollow Backlink?

Blog commenting is the best way for link building. Although sometimes, blog commenting is called as blog spamming, if the comment only said Nice post, thanks., and embedded with anchor text of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Viagra below it.

In 2005, nofollow, a HTML attribute value that tells search engines to not follow the links, was assigned by Google in order to minimize blog spamming comments. Though, it definitely would not affect on stopping spamming behavior.

From its name definition, nofollow doesn't mean don't follow this link, more correctly it means don't add weight from this link. So, this rel="nofollow" attribute might still followed and indexed by some search engines including Google.

If it's true that nofollow attribute will order the search engines to not follow the links, then why the links were appeared in your Google Webmaster tools, and counted as your backlinks?

Nofollow Profile Backlinks

Have you added your links on the profile pages of high PR sites such as yahoo, facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, etc?

Backlinks from those sites are worth a lot. Even though your links were on the PR0, or even PR N/A pages of the sites, but having backlinks from very strong sites are carried more weight than links from lower sites.

In other words, links from interior PR0 pages of PR9 sites, are better than links from interior PR0 pages of PR0 sites

Although links which are marked with nofollow won't contribute to your sites PR, you might still gain traffic from the sites. Moreover, links which are placed in viewable public profiles on High PR sites, are considered as Google Juice by many SEO experts.

Site Reputation

If your sites backlinks are only dofollow backlinks, your sites will look suspicious to Google and others search engines. As most webmasters had already known that nofollow backlinks have no SEO weight, but that was truly questionable to me.

Having many backlinks whether they are nofollow or dofollow will build your sites trustworthy and reputation. The more reputation your sites have, the more traffic will drive to your sites.

Many inbound links can help improve your rank in search engines, and can serve as a measure of a site's reputation.

Alexa Website.

Based on the statement at Alexa website above, it will look suspicious if your sites have less backlinks, whether they are dofollow or nofollow, but your Alexa traffic rank was high.

Top Sites Are Also Doing Blog Spamming

I once studied 2 sites that spamming the comments on my top blog post. Both of sites were high on Alexa rank, and already had the PR9 backlink that I described on my post. They both only promoted their own sites using anchor links.

The 1st site, let's say site A, was PR2 with Alexa rank below 100K. Site A has more than 800 inbound links. 30% of Top 100 Alexa sites linking to site A, were from edu sites, which are marked with nofollow.

The sad news was, last time I checked the site, since last May, site A admin has offered his full site for sale at $70 bid in a forum post.

The other site, site B, was PR4 with Alexa rank below 120K. Site B has more than 750 inbound links. More than 50% of Top 100 Alexa sites linking to site B, were from search engines (mostly Google), which are also marked with nofollow.

I was amazed the 1st time I saw site B inbound links. Site B was getting backlinks from major search engines, such as,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more, for various search queries. Alexa even counted backlinks from and (URL short from, based on Top 20 Alexa sites linking to site B.

From certain pages on yahoo, facebook and twitter, your links might gain dofollow backlinks.

You see now.. Even the big guys (big sites) were still doing blog spamming.

Natural Link Building

Link building is not instant. I guess all instant matters will not good for us, because it will not last long. And also, instant foods are junk.

Be open minded webmasters! You should not worry about all of your sites backlinks. Whether they are dofollow or nofollow backlinks, having many inbound links will improve your sites visibility and reputation.

Write your best contents at least for your own sake, not for your readers, or even for search engines. If you love and happy with what you've written, it definitely will appear inside your post. Your readers will surely appreciate your effort, and so do the search engines.

Stop doing blog spamming! Repeating the same comments, if your 1st post on a site or blog is not published by the admin. The 2nd, 3rd, and all of your comment posts will end up in the spam junk.


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  1. I agree with you. A nofollow links is one of the great natural nutrition for our blog health.
    It's useful knowledge to gain trust from google. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for sharing and according to my knowledge though the no follow link doesn’t help for the page ranking still it’s amazingly precious for SEO and the link building strategy.

  3. Well done,
    I am very interesting to find do-follow link site.No-follow and
    do-follow both kind of back links are necessary for a website
    for increasing Traffic and page rank.

  4. Thanks for making it easy to learn how to no follow a link.

  5. Thanks for the list! It's a difficult task because many sites move from DoFollow to NoFollow as they become more popular, and it's hard to say how valuable some of the links from less popular sites are.

  6. `You are right it is often hard to write quality content on something unique, because most of the things have already been covered by others
    . But we always have an option of writing from a different mssalim.

  7. I agree with you. A no-follow links is one of the great natural nutrition for our blog healt

  8. Nofollow links generates natural traffic to your websites, where you can get good backlinks to your website too.

  9. Very good article. I certainly appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  10. One word.. Great! Two words.. Very awesome! Three words.. I love it!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.



  11. Nofollow links generates natural traffic to your websites, where you can get good backlinks to your website too.

  12. You posted a very good article and your comment policy is also good. I read it and appreciate your post.

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting


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