Internet Without Search Engine

March 19, 2012

How would it be if internet without search engine?

The 1st time when I was shaking hand with connections called internet, was on the year of 1999, it's when Y2K was the biggest thread on every PCs around the world. Back then, Google's search engine was not so popular as now, the #1 search engine that is now used by all internet users. In the past, I used to rely on my search using Yahoo's search engine, which was became my second accounts that I used for an email account.

My first email account that I used was from, which now is no longer hosted for free email account. Much news I got from Yahoo news, back then. I never got used to on using search engine to get what I needed to read. I always relied on my books, which my grandmother gave me in 1999, after I insisted on asking for it. 21 books of Encyclopedia International, copyright © 1975 by Grolier Incorporated. My very precious legacies from my late grandfather, who had passed away in 1996. None all of my aunt and uncle were managed to read it. That books were just became a shelf decoration, and always me, the one that used to read it, everytime I visited my grandfather's house.

Ok! Back to topic! I had read on many SEO advices about using the right keywords for your site. The best way to attract search engine attention to crawl to your site. How about if there's no search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.? You named it! What's your strategy to drive traffic to your site then?

I recently found a site on the internet that haven't used search engine on it, for an intention that search engine won't crawl the site. The text in the bottom of the site said that. So, how do people including me are managed on finding their sites? I was carried to that site after I used Google on my search, then I landed to a site, I was arrived to that 'uncrawled by search engine' site after I clicked to that site's link that attrached me to visit. It's strange for me to see a site that never want to be index by search engine.

My own conclusion is, that the site was never meant to be easily to find by everyone, although that site got higher Alexa rank for traffic. Last time I checked, it's ranked by Alexa below 2,700 with more than 5,000 sites linking in, PR 5 with Google backlink, and also Alexa top 500 sites rank in Indonesia. Now, I know why the site didn't want search engine to index the site, cause it was already indexed. I wouldn't say that site's name here.

Based on my last post Another Way To Boost Your SEO Rankings, your web design might attrached your visitors to revisit your site, besides all your site contents and keywords to be crawled by the search engine. Some people I found in such forum said, that a web design with dark (black) background color with white, or orange text, like mine here, was really hurting their eyes. I laughed at myself to read that, and not hesitated on commenting to their thread.

You know why I choosed black and white for my blog? Orange is an optional color for a link text in my blog. Black and white is my favorite colors, it also means a lot for everything in all of our lifes. The good and the bad, better or worst, happy and sad, angels and demons, etc. If you ever went to Bali Island or asking to an Hindustani people about the meaning of blank and white colors, you'll know what I mean!

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