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January 15, 2012

A bad post is worst than no post at all

Did you ever heard the sentence above before? I'm 50% agree with that idea. You know why? Your blog content might be become the king, and then your blog design appearance should be the queen. If no post is better than a bad post or just a huge image on a blog, then why do you make a blog? Blog at first time was a kind of digital diary. People were posting to their blog to express their thought, mind, and share their expertise, and experience. No matter if there any readers that visit their blogs.

Back to the topic. If blog appearance is the queen, a way to beautify your blog is by creating slideshows. A beautiful and functional slideshow to improve your website performance, you should try SlideDeck.


SlideDeck is available as a jQuery Slider Plugin or WordPress plugin. There are two versions for both plugins: Lite (limited) version and a Pro (feature rich, customizable) version. SlideDeck is a powerful jquery slider plugin made for web designers. Automatically animate through your SlideDeck when visitors arrive on your website. You can use SlideDeck to explain how your web app works or let a user visually browse your blog posts. SlideDeck can actually boost your SEO rankings. The content from each slide is cleanly organized in your code and is automatically indexed by search engines.

With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful, user-friendly slider, and provides a great way to draw attention to your web content, while maintaining full search engine optimization. It is designed to provide understanding of a concept in less than a minute.

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