Today is Jum'at Legi but also Friday the 13th

January 13, 2012

Today is the 1st Friday the 13th on the year of 2012. Many people believe that today is related with bad luck according to history.

Fear of Friday the 13th is the most popular mythology among scientist. Fears or phobias that called friggatriskaidekaphobia. While phobias at number 13 called Triskaidekaphobia.

Then where superstitions come from? No scientists has dared called the initial appearance. But possibility appears linked with 13 men at Jesus Christ last supper. Friday is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified.

On friday, October 13, 1307, in France, 120 Knights Templars, including the grand master, Jacques de Molay, were condemned and executed, ordered by Philip IV of France. This event is believed to be the origin of the myths associated with bad luck on Friday the 13th.

On some passenger aircraft such as Continental Airlines, there are no seats numbered groups of 13.

Some airport terminals do not have gates numbered 13.

In Formula 1, MotoGP, and some other race, no car or bike that carries the number 13.

Microsoft is not going to name the next Office as Office 13, but Microsoft Office 14.

Composer Arnold Schoenberg suffered triskaidekafobia. He was born and died on the 13th.

In the United States, there is no plane named F-13 because the pilots many who believe in this superstition.

U.S. singer John Mayer has 14 songs on the album Room for Squares, although the songs of the 13 only 0.2 seconds long and no voice.

A British ship named Friday the 13th, was sailing on Friday the 13th. This ship was then no longer known its existence.

Apollo 13 was launched April 11, 1970, at 13:13. The launch is not at the 13th, but the sum of the numbers of that date (04/11/70) is 13 (0 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 7 + 0 = 13). The plane then experienced an explosion in space on April 13. But the crew successfully returned to earth.

Most hospitals do not have room number 13. Similarly happen on skyscraper buildings are also don't have 13th floor.

Butch Cassidy, famous train and bank robbers in the U.S., was born on Friday, April 13, 1866. While Fidel Castro was born on Friday, August 13, 1926.

U.S. President, Franklin D Roosevelt believed the myth of number 13. He will not travel on the date 13 in every month and will not entertain guests totaled 13. Napoleon and Herbert Hoover also triskaidekaphobic suffering and have abnormal behavior of item 13.

While Woodrow Wilson was on the contrary. He considers the numbers 13 as luck, but fact just the opposite. He arrived in Normandy, France at 13 December 1918 for peace talks. But the agreement failed because Congress was not agree.

Another strange numerology of number 13 like in China, the fear is on number 4. Because in Mandarin or Chinese language, the pronunciation of the word "dead" and "four" is the same. Should be noted that the sum of number 13 is 4 (1 + 3 = 4).

In Puncak Marina, an apartment estate in Surabaya, Indonesia, doesn't have 4th floor or room number 4. My house in a real-estate is on number 3a, while my left and right neighbour's house are in number 3 and 5.

Question is! Do You believe the numbers 13 and day of Friday 13th brings bad luck? I'm not. I was born on Thursday night at 8.45 pm, but my ' weton ' or my ' Javanese day ' is Friday. On Javanese day, after Sunset is considered to be tomorrow or new day begins with the dark. Some Friday in Javanese day is considered to be a lucky day, just like today, Jum'at Legi in Javanese day.

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