6 Ways To Wake Up Early In the Morning

July 31, 2012

Sleeping is not on how long we slept, but on how well we sleep. The main point is the quality of sleeping rather than the quantity. Although we have slept for eight hours, it's useless for us, if our sleep were not effective, and our sleeping position had made us felt uncomfortable.

The often you wake up in the middle of the night, will determine that your sleeping hour is not effective. Your body will feel that you haven't got enough rest, after waking up early in the morning. If you are working with shift work like me, you will also experince the same way, hard to get up early in the morning. Here are some ways that might help.

Go to Bed Earlier
In order to wake up at 4 am, at least I had to take a night sleep at 9 pm. Although sometimes, my busy overtime work, had made me getting home at 11 pm, and I must get back to work at 6 am on the next day. The disease of being sleepy will haunt me at that 1st day of the month, when my shift work has changed, from midday shift at 10 am to 6 pm, into morning shift at 6 am to 2 pm. Then I will use the trick from my previous post How to Get Rid of Being Sleepy.

Start Your Daily Activity Earlier
If you normally start your daily activities at 8 am, add some additional activities at least an hour before. For example, jogging, swimming, cooking your own breakfast, or doing whatever activity you love most, as long as you are enjoy doing it. Make your new activity as daily routine activity, so that it'll become part of your new lifestyle.

How about myself? I'm not exactly adding some activities. What can I do on 4 am in the morning? I just jump off from my bed, perhaps I may water the plants on my garden. And then took a shower at 4.30 am, breakfast at 5 am, and went to work at 5.15 am. It only takes 15 minutes for me to arrive at my place of work.

Avoid Consuming Coffee, Alcohol, and Chocolate Before Going To Bed
The study had shown that above types of foods and beverages are the most potentially sources that will disrupt your sleep. Also if you start to have your dinner above 7 pm, for example you're dining at 8 pm, and went to bed at 9 pm, it can make your stomach to digest at whole night, and your sleep will become uncomfortable.

Place a Glass of Water Near The Bed
Once you wake up, the 1st thing you should do is to drink glass of water that you has been provided. This is useful to get your body ready for your daily activities, and you wouldn't feel lazy anymore, or wanted to go back to sleep again. In order to be more healthier, or improve your health, you may add more glass of water to do water therapy.

Use At Least 2 Warning Alarm Clocks
Why I say at least 2 alarm clocks? Because I'm using 3 alarm clocks. Three? Yeah 3 warning alarm clocks, in which one of them is the sleepy killer alarm. In case I went back to sleep after turning off my killer alarm, I also use another 2 warning alarm using my 2 cell phones, in which each phone will ring every 5 minutes after the killer alarm.

Make It a Habit
OK! You've managed to get up early from Monday to Saturday (I still work on saturday) for instance. And then? May I wake up at 10 am on Sunday? No! I'm not. I must go to church on the 1st Mass at 6 am. If I'm not able to wake up at 4 am on Sunday morning, then I took the 3rd Mass on the afternoon at 5 pm.

One thing you should remember is that to make your schedule which has become your new habit. If you have already getting used to for a week to get up early, your body will wake up itself at the same hour. But, if your routine schedule is broken, suddenly you're waking up late for 3 days in a row for instance, your body will follow the new schedule.

Do you have an insomnia? You find yourself difficult to sleep at night! Read my previous post 10 Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep, or if you are having trouble of being sleepy at work, then you may read the post How to Get Rid of Being Sleepy. I hope you gain health by keeping a healthy habit for your better life.

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  1. hey
    very nice post
    liked your tip to drink water as soon as we get up
    thanks for the info


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