Stay Healthy with The Fruit of Evil

January 19, 2012

Apple is considered to be the fruit of knowledge based on Book of Genesis. Although is not identified correctly, is just the same as snake on Book of Genesis. Snake is described to be the most genius animal species ever that can walk and speak human language, until God curse him to be crawl using his stomach.

Why Apple becomes the fruit of evil, although it is supposed to be the fruit of knowledge? Malus, Latin name for Apple is similar in singular shape to Malum, Latin name for Evil, which is identical in plural shape, Mala. Because also after Adam and Eve eat it, they both then knew that snake is evil.

Fuji Apple

Based on research, apple can reduce the risk of colon, prostate, and lung cancer. Apple contains vitamin C (4,6mg/100g), also rich in antioxidant compounds. Fibers in apple helps control bowel movements, it will reduce the risk of colon cancer. Apple fiber also stem heart disease, as well as weight and cholesterol levels control, because apple contains no cholesterol.

Apparently apples can be be a good choice as a healthy diet to help lower blood sugar levels. A healthy diet can prevent from diabetes and prediabetes complications. Apple is considered fruit with low glycemic index value, it will cause blood sugar increase slower and stays on low level. If someone has a high blood sugar level, then it is better to consume apple than other snacks that contain high glycemic such as dried fruits or soft drinks.

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