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January 25, 2012

Looking for a web counter or hit counter for your wesite, is the first thing we usually do after we create a website. There are many service providers of web counter on the internet. Sometimes we wonder, where does our visitors come from? Although blogger are already had statistic page that show it, but we usually unsatisfied with the stat result. There is only one web counter I knew, that can drive traffic and also give a backlink to your website.

Get your own flagcounter!

A web counter that I love most is flagcounter from boardhost. I'm become the one from millions of fanatical fans of flagcounter. You can see here in my blog, there are 5 types of flagcounter from boardhost.

As an Indonesian, I should be proud because Indonesia becomes the fourth country that frequently access flagcounter site. This is seen from the flagcounter.com master counter here.

You can collect 51 regional flags from United States and 13 flags from Canada using free flagcounter. If you upgrade to become Pro user, you will have the ability to collect regional flags from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, and many more. For example, 33 regional flags from 33 provinces of Indonesia.

In addition, Pro users can make their flagcounter become private and can't be seen by their visitors. Pro users can also eliminate the flagcounter logo.

Flagcounter is only a simple image of html without having a javascript. It can be place everywhere on the site that support image. But on Facebook page or profile as far as I know, you can't place a flagcounter.

By avoiding too many widgets with javascript, will get your site index by Google bots faster. It will have resulting on the SERPs. That's the basic SEO that I've learnt.

One way to get more visitors or traffic to your website as well get a backlink from boardhost.com is by joining in the flagcounter forum here. By placing your website URL on your signature, it will give backlink to your website.

You can ask for other flagcounter forum members to visit your website, by posting with title 'Need a flag' for example, on flag requests section. But you must remember! You should also visit their website in return!!

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