How to Gain Trust and Authority from The Search Engines

December 18, 2012

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The Trust

Trust, a measure of how well a search engine trust a website to provide accurate and reliable information, from its content or outbond links.

How do search engines measure trust? No one really has the perfect answer about what kind of algorithms that are used by the search engines. The search engine's algorithms are just like our point of view about something.

For example, when I saw a painting of a naked Balinese woman, I would say the painting was just an art, while other would say pornography.

Some factors which can gain trust from the search engines are:

  • Backlinks from high authority, or high pagerank sites, such as .gov sites, .edu sites and forum sites.
  • Backlinks from popular sites, or social media sites, such as facebook, twitter, and etc.
  • Link ageing, the age of your backlinks. The faster you get your power links will determine your site's trust.
  • Link popularity, the quality and quantity of your backlinks. The more quality backlinks you have, the more trust your site will gain from the search engines. Having many backlinks will also gain more trust.
  • Link building behaviors. Stay as natural as you can, when it comes to link building. Having links from the same niche sites or not, you should not worry, whether they are dofollow or nofollow links.

The most important thing is that search engines use time based indicators and link quality to establish trust in a site. So, trust can help boost your search engine rankings.

The Authority

Authority, a site's reputation within a niche. Search engines use authority to rank a site only on one topic, a niche.

Here in my blog, as you can see on my right sidebar, the My Value Articles, I use not only a niche in my blog. Based on this blog site info on Alexa, the search engines had ranked my blog well for popular posts, such as How to Get Free Backlink from PR9 Site and List of 50 .edu Blogs for Building Backlinks.

The following are some factors which can gain authority from the search engines:

  • The quality backlinks from the same niche sites. You should have more quality backlinks within the same niche.
  • Relevant anchor links from different niche sites. Though you have backlinks from different niche sites, just make sure you use the relevant anchor link text.
  • Link Popularity.

The combination between trust and authority will make a domain is having easily rank for several search queries within its niche. It might also have low rank for the queries outside its niche. Having low rank from outside the niche is better than no rank at all.

Wikipedia is one of the wide niche site which had gained trust and authority from the search engines. A new page on Wikipedia can rank well in the search engines.

Submit your site to the search engine will not make your site faster to be indexed. The search engines will eventually find and index your site. First thing you have to do, if you have a new site, is by starting the natural link building.

The SEO Mindset by Brad Callen

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