When The Brain is Offline

December 22, 2012

Human brain drawing, image from Wikimedia

Brain is the most vital organ which governs all aspects of life. One of the brain important function is the cognitive. Brain structures which regulate these functions are the limbic and cortex system. These two structures regulate emotion, behavior, motivation, memory, and spiritual.

Through this cognitive function, the brain is changing the outside object sensation into perception, perception into intention, and intention into action.

In the cognitive function, the pre-frontal cortex (PFC), which is in front of the brain into a kind Boss, or performing the highest brain function. The PFC represents sane brain functions, among them are:

  1. To guide of intelligent thingking.
  2. To determine of the actions and emotions.
  3. To inhibit thoughts, actions, behaviors, and feelings which are not appropriate.
  4. To create a focused purpose.
  5. To create oriented actions and inhibit irrelevant actions.
  6. To control various levels of processing, including planning, taking decision, assessing, selecting, maintaining, and updating activity.
  7. To regulate emotional stability.
  8. Other important functions.

Many studies have shown that PFC noble nature was found in the newborn's brain. In other words, God had conferred the noble brain since the beginning of the infancy.

The universal human potential tends towards the goodness and truth. The further development depends on the environment. Ironically, this kind of environment in which will change human mindsets and behaviors of becoming to smear with sins.

The advance study in brain imaging has the possibility to see the brain change which is associated with abnormal behavior.

According to various studies, someone experiences are very significant in changing the brain's thought patterns and behaviors. In young children who watch too many violence videos, the PFC activity is greatly decreased.

Many social studies have found that these children were having aggressive behavior, brutal, having no merci to their friends and environment.

By the decline of PFC activity, means that the PFC functions which lead to goodness and truth, have undergone offline (stopped). Then, the PFC is no longer controlling the aggressive behaviors.

The reduction activity of PFC is also found on the stress imaging, such as anxiety, and depression. The limbic system also showed an abnormal activity, primitive response called fight or flight (to fight or to run away). These primitive responses include basic humans instinct, just like animals.

Without PFC controls, people will behave abnormal. High stress with the continuation can cause the brain regions, which involved in memories and emotions, such as hippocampus, amygdala, and PFC undergo structural remodeling (structural changes) to become worse. Resulting in memory impairment, increased anxiety, aggression, and abnormal behavior.

Contrary to another interesting study, in people who were praying, the track which connected the limbic system with PFC becomes active. At the same time, the path which connects the limbic system with parietal cortex becomes offline (inactive).

At the moment, all attentions are directed only to God, with no interruption from the surrounding environment. Parietal cortex function is to receive all outside sensations (the environment).

The Studies on people behavior who lived in monastery, did not prove that having strong faith and fervent worship was very useful for life. It was causing people to live longer, avoiding a stroke, or heart disease, have a good immune system, low blood pressure.

The conditions can also improve mental health, emotional, avoid psychological stress, divorce, suicide, and other abnormal behaviors.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

A 20-year-old, Adam Peter Lanza who fatally shot 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut, was one of the case where a brain is offline.

Adam's brain PFC was offline from the moment he shot his own mother. His brain PFC was replaced by the limbic system response, which savage in nature.

While his brain PFC remained offline, his savage response was having an excessive stimulation. It triggered Adam to conduct the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Shortly after the massacre, Adam's brain PFC was online, and he realized that he had made a fatal mistake. And then, there was the so-called self punishment, a suicide. Adam Lanza shot himself in the head as the police arrived. Suicide is a phenomenon which often obtained in patients with severe depression.

My excessive condolences for all the victims, especially for all the innocent children. Heaven had been waiting for all of them. Amen..


Jawa Pos, Opini, December 19, 2012
Bahaya ketika Otak Depan Off-Line by Moh. Hasan Machfoed, Chairman of the Central Board of Indonesian Neuroscience Specialists Physician Association

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