The Curse of Mpu Gandring

December 15, 2012

The Legend of Ken Angrok Chapter 2

The Permission

After hearing Dang Hyang Lohgawe explaination, Ken Angrok then asked his father, Father Dang Hyang, I will kill the akuwu and claimed his wife. The akuwu will surely die by my hand if Father permits me.

Dang Hyang Lohgawe answered, Yes, Tunggul Ametung will surely die by your hand, my son. But, I am not appropriate on giving you the permission. Because it is not a brahmanian's act. The limit is your own will.

If so Father, may I have your permission to leave?, said Ken Angrok. The brahmanian answered, Where will you go, my son?

Ken Angrok answered, I will go to Karuman. There is a gambler named Bango Samparan who claimed me as his son. He really loved me. I will ask his consideration. Perhaps, he would agree. Dang Hyang Lohgawe then permitted Ken Angrok went to meet with his father.

In Karuman, Bango Samparan embraced Ken Angrok, because Ken Angrok never visited him for years. Ken Angrok told Bango Samparan about the nareswari of Ken Dedes, and his wish to marry Ken Dedes, after assassinating her husband, the akuwu of Tumapel, Tunggul Ametung.

The Kris of Mpu Gandring

Hearing the wish of his beloved son, Bango Samparan then said to Ken Angrok, I give you my permission, my son. But Angrok, the akuwu has a supernatural power. He would not get injured if you stab him with a normal kris.

I have a friend in Lulumbang, a famous blacksmith. His name is Mpu Gandring. His hand made kris is superb. There are no people with supernatural power who doubt the kris of Mpu Gandring.

I should go to Lulumbang then. Bless me Father!, said Ken Angrok.

In Lulumbang, Ken Angrok found Mpu Gandring was working in his smithy. He asked Mpu Gandring to make him a kris, in which should be finished within five months. Generally, to make a perfect kris, Mpu Gandring needed at least a year to finish it.

Because of Ken Angrok hesitation, Mpu Gandring finally agreed to finish it within five months.

The Curse of Mpu Gandring

Ken Angrok went home to Tumapel and met Dang Hyang Lohgawe. What took you so long in Karuman?, said Dang Hyang Lohgawe. I was stopping by to Lulumbang, Father, answered Ken Angrok.

Five months have passed, Ken Angrok remembered the deal he made with Mpu Gandring. He then went to Lulumbang to meet Mpu Gandring. Ken Angrok saw Mpu Gandring was still working with the kris that he was ordered.

Knowing that his kris was still being sharpened by Mpu Gandring, Ken Angrok became mad, grabbed the kris and suddenly stabbed Mpu Gandring. Ken Angrok put the kris on the stone basket, then the basket cracked into two pieces. He put the kris on the metal table, the table cracked into two pieces.

In dying, Mpu Gandring cast a spell on Ken Angrok, Hei Angrok! Soon, you will also die by the kris. Your son and grandson will also die by the kris. Seven kings will die by the kris. Ken Angrok felt sad after killing Mpu Gandring. If I become a king, may my glory also be the glory for all blacksmith's descendants in Lulumbang, prayed Ken Angrok in front of Mpu Gandring's dead body.

The Assassination of Tunggul Ametung

Arriving to Tumapel, Ken Angrok met with Kebo Ijo, another Tunggul Ametung's trusted servant. Ken Angrok and Kebo Ijo are a close friend. Kebo Ijo saw Ken Angrok carried an unfinished kris. He then asked Ken Angrok to lend him his new blunt kris.

Ken Angrok gave the kris to Kebo Ijo. The kris was always used by Kebo Ijo, because he loved to wear it on his waist. No one in Tumapel never saw Kebo Ijo left home without his new kris.

That night, Ken Angrok stole the kris from Kebo Ijo. By the will of the gods, Ken Angrok easily sneaked into the akuwu's bedroom and managed to assassinate Tunggul Ametung. Ken Angrok stabbed Tunggul Ametung and left the akuwu's dead body with the kris on his heart.

Early in the morning, the akuwu's guard found his master died with the kris stabbed on his heart. They looked at the kris and knew that it was Kebo Ijo's new kris. Kebo Ijo was then captured and stabbed also with the kris of Mpu Gandring by the guard. Kebo Ijo died.

The Singasari

The gods had already wished that Ken Angrok will become Ken Dedes soul mate. Infact both of them were felt in love to each other for so long. Everybody in Tumapel had no dare to talk about the affair between Ken Angrok and Ken Dedes.

Finally Ken Angrok married Ken Dedes, after the birth of Tunggul Ametung's son named Anusapati. From the marriage with Ken Angrok, Ken Dedes had given him four children. Three sons, Mahisa Wongateleng, Panji Saprang, and Agnibaya. The last child, a daughter named Dewi Rimba.

Ken Angrok was also had another wife named Ken Umang who had given him also four children. Three sons, Panji Tohjaya, Panji Sudatu, and Twan Wregola. The last child was also a daughter named Dewi Rambi.

Ken Angrok was no longer became the akuwu of Tumapel anymore since the county had rebelled to the kingdom of Daha. The people of Tumapel had risen Ken Angrok as the new King, in which the new kingdom's name of Tumapel was changed into Singasari

Ken Angrok became the first king of Singasari with the title of Sri Rajasa Batara Sang Amurwabumi. Ken Angrok finally defeated the kingdom of Daha and became the king of all the land in Java in 1144 Saka (1222 AD).

The Death of Ken Angrok

After Anusapati, Ken Angrok step-son, was grown up, he realized that he had many differences with his father. Anusapati asked to his mother, Ken Dedes, about it. Ken Dedes then explained all to Anusapati, including the death of his real father, Tunggul Ametung, by the kris of Mpu Gandring.

Anusapati asked his mother permission to give him the kris of Mpu Gandring. Ken Dedes then handed over the kris to Anusapati. In his room, Anusapati planned the assassination of the Amurwabumi with his loyal servant, a man from Batil. Anusapati gave his servant the kris of Mpu Gandring to assassinate the Amurwabumi.

In the palace, Ken Angrok, the Amurwabumi, was having a dinner when the man from Batil arrived, and stabbed him with the kris of Mpu Gandring. The man was managed to escape to see his master, Anusapati with the news of successful assassination.

The man from Batil handed the bloody kris of Mpu Gandring to Anusapati. Without any hesitation, Anusapati then killed his servant with the bloody kris.

Ken Angrok, the Sri Rajasa Batara Sang Amurwabumi died in 1168 Saka (1247 AD). The people of Singasari built a temple in Kagenengan to honour Ken Angrok.

The Ended of Mpu Gandring's Curse

The last used of the kris of Mpu Gandring was for the assassination of Anusapati by his step-brother Panji Tohjaya after becoming the second king of Singasari. Anusapati crowned as the king of Singasari in 1170 Saka (1249 AD). Anusapati died in Panji Tohjaya's hand, also stabbed using the kris of Mpu Gandring in 1171 Saka (1250 AD). It was the last seen and written about the use of the kris of Mpu Gandring.

The curse of Mpu Gandring on Ken Angrok's descendants ended after the assassination of Anusapati by his step-brother Panji Tohjaya. Because Panji Tohjaya died by a spear in the anarchy in Lumbangkatang in 1172 Saka (1251 AD).

So, the kris of Mpu Gandring only killed Mpu Gandring himself, Tunggul Ametung, Kebo Ijo, Ken Angrok, Anusapati's servant (a man from Batil), and Anusapati himself.

Kitab Pararaton (The Book of Kings)

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