The Legend of Ken Angrok

December 13, 2012

The statue of Ken Anggrok

The Unwanted Son

Brahmā, the Hindu god of creation, was looking for the one who deserved to be his maid. He saw a new married couple, Gajahpara and his wife Ken Endok. Both of them worked as farmer for living.

Brahmā went down to meet Ken Endok and made a deal with her. From now on, you should not sleep with your husband anymore. If you do it, then your husband will die. And my son is mixed with him. What you should know, my son's name is Ken Angrok. Soon, he will become the ruler of the land of Java. Brahmā then disappeared after delivering the message.

Shortly after, Ken Endok asked Gajahpara to divorce her, because she was afraid of the Sang Hyang's message. Ken Endok went home to Pangkur in the North, after Gajahpara agreed to divorce her. A week later, Gajahpara died.

When the time came for the delivery, Ken Endok bore a baby boy, then put him in the children's cemetery.

The Gambler

A thief named Lembong saw a shiny thing in the children's cemetery. He also heard a baby's cry. After Lembong came closer, clear for him, the shiny thing was a baby who just cried. He took the baby and brought home. He claimed the baby as his own son.

Later Ken Endok knew that her baby was adopted by Lembong. Ken Endok told Lembong that the baby is her son, his name is Ken Angrok, son of the god Brahmā.

Young Ken Angrok became in love of gambling which made Ken Endok's and Lembong's treasures ran out.

Ken Angrok left Lembong's house to go for a journey. He met with Bango Samparan, a casino owner, who took Ken Angrok as his son. Bango Samparan was defeated in gambling by other casino owner in Karuman, and had many debts.

Before meeting with Ken Angrok, Bango Samparan heard a sound from the sky told him, that Ken Angrok was the one who will save him from all his debts. Bango Samparan then took Ken Angrok to play with the casino owner and brought winning to Bango Samparan.

The Rebel

He left Bango Samparan's house because of bad relationship he had with other Bango Samparan's children. He went to Kapundungan and met with Tita, son of the chief of Sagenggeng village. The meeting with Tita had made them became most wanted rebel in the land of Kadiri.

After Ken Angrok and Tita gained enough knowledges from a well known teacher in Kapundungan for few months, they started their journey together. They built small house in Sanja, in the East of Sagenggeng, and robbed every people who passed by.

The duet of Ken Angrok and Tita became a threat for the akuwu (Sherrif) of Tumapel, Tunggul Ametung. The akuwu then gave the order to capture Ken Angrok dead or alive.

The Vishnu Incarnation

In his run, Ken Angrok was given a message by Brahmā to meet with a brahmanian named Dang Hyang Lohgawe who just came from Jambudwipa (India) in Taloka.

Mean while, Dang Hyang Lohgawe also received a message from Brahmā to look for a boy, Vishnu incarnate in Java. The boy's name is Ken Angrok, who had chakra in his right line palm and shankha in his left line palm.

In Taloka, Dang Hyang Lohgawe met with Ken Angrok in a casino. He embraced Ken Angrok and claimed him as a son. Dang Hyang Lohgawe then brought Ken Angrok to serve the akuwu of Tunggul Ametung in Tumapel.

The Nareswari of Ken Dedes

Ken Dedes, daughter of Mpu Purwa, a Buddhist priest of Panawijen. Ken Dedes was widely known as the most beautiful woman ever lived in the land of Java. Tunggul Ametung heard about it and wanted to make her to be his wife.

By the time Mpu Purwa left the house for private meditation, Tunggul Ametung kidnapped her beautiful daughter. Tunggul Ametung brought Ken Dedes to Tumapel to make her to be his wife.

When Ken Dedes was pregnant, she asked Tunggul Ametung to take her to Boboji park. Tunggul Ametung then took Ken Dedes to Boboji park accompanied by Ken Angrok as his guard.

Arriving at the park, Ken Dedes stepped down from the horse cart, revealing her calf, and moreover, showing her most secret which looked shiny to Ken Angrok.

Saw the most secret thing from a beautiful lady, in which it shone, had made Ken Angrok felt in love with Ken Dedes. Ken Angrok then told to Dang Hyang Lohgawe about what happened.

What you just saw is called nareswari. Ken Dedes is the nareswari, the main woman. Even for a sinner, if he able to make her to be his wife, he will become great king, said Dang Hyang Lohgawe.

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