Sekuat Hatimu by Last Child

October 02, 2012

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A song from Indonesian band, Last Child, which dedicated for all mothers in the world. The lyrics contain many awaken words, especially for me. It really reminds me about, how my mom always gave her best for me.

Mom was always proud of me, and strengthened my heart by telling to everyone that I am a very good person, though in real, I am not that good at all.

The Original Lyrics in Bahasa Indonesia

Last Child – Sekuat Hatimu

Ku mohon hentikan air matamu mama,
bila ternyata harus putus sekolahku.
Dan ku pilih gaya hidup yang tiada,
pernah indah di matamu.

Tak mampu ku mengampuni diriku mama,
bila ku cerna harunya arti doamu.
Yang kau panjatkan untukku saat ku bawa diriku,
semakin dalam ku terjatuh.

Bila ku tak pernah sanggup untuk bangkit dari,
kegagalan yang tak seharusnya kau sesali.
Karna kenyataan hidup yang aku jalani,
tak seindah saat ku dengar engkau bernyanyi.

Peluklah lelah jiwaku mama!
Yang terluka dipecundangi dunia.
Hanya kasihmu yang mampu lindungi lemah hatiku,
yang tak sekuat hatimu.

* #

Peluk hati kecil yang penuh dendam ini!
Ajari ku menghapus sebuah rasa benci!
Biarkan kasih lembutmu sentuh hatiku!
Ubah aku jadi buah hati yang dulu...!!

# #

The Lyrics Translated in English

Last Child – As Strong As Your Heart

Please stop your tears mama,
if turns out I should break up from school.
And I choose a lifestyle that never,
ever looked beautiful in your eyes.

I cannot forgive myself mama,
when I sensed every moving words inside your pray.
The one that you sent it to me when I took myself,
to let it fell deeper.

If I never able to awake from,
failures that you should not be regretted.
Because the fact of life that I live,
was not as beautiful as when I heard you sang.

Hug my tired soul mama!
That injured manipulated by the world.
Only your love was able to protect my weak heart,
which was not as strong as your heart.

* #

Hug this small heart that full of vengeance!
Teach me to erase a hatred!
Let your love touched my heart!
Change me to become your once baby!

# #

I love you mama..

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