Early Moral Education For Pre-School Children

October 08, 2012

In Indonesia, an easy way to make money is by being a parking-lot guard. The one that was really irritated me, was when I saw corruptions doing by parking-lot guard. I've described this on my early post.

Corruptions in Indonesia had reached to very concern level. Not only for those powerful politicians who had been caught by KPK, Indonesian Corruption Buster Commission, for suspicion on doing corruptions. But after farther investigating, KPK move seemed to be blocked by some slippy rocks.

It often happened that the whistle-blower ended in jail, or even died, because there was no effective witness protection programs. How come, a small grade employee became billionair from his corruption works by doing it alone? It seemed impossible that his manager was not also enjoying the money.

Early Moral Education

Tunas Integritas

A breakthrough had been made by KPK with the launch of children books series titled Tunas Integritas, or in English, The Buds of Integrity. The books are aimed to target for children at Play Groups, or Pre-School.

The books series are composed of six packages in which titled, Wuush, Byuur, Ungu di Mana Kamu?, Ya Ampun!, Ini, Itu?, and Hujan Warna-warni, said the Director of Education and Community Services of KPK, Dedie A. Rachim.

The book's commitment and the efforts of the creators are to eradicating corruptions in Indonesia, in which starts from small community, that is family. In the books itself is represented by the character of Kumbi Family, a dung beetle.

If beetles play a major role in making soil conditions conducive to the growth of shoots plants, the book's aim is trying to provide stimulation for all Indonesian children to grow up with the values of integrity, said Dedie.

To implement laws corruption prevention, the KPK must conduct anti-corruption education at all levels of education. Children who are currently 4-5 years old must be equipped with a weapon (moral) to fight corruption, Dedie added.

The publishing of Tunas Integritas books series are the result of collaboration among KPK and FPBA (Forum Penulis Bacaan Anak, or Children Books Author Forum). The book begins with the training and corruption workshop that was held in Bandung, by the end of 2011, followed by the authors of children books.

FPBA itself is a non-profit organization consisting of authors, illustrators, editors, designers, publishers, participants, journalists, media, and observers of children books. Since established on May 2, 2010, FPBA has the membership of more than 2000 people.


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