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June 09, 2012

The whole world eyes are focused on the Europe, due to its Euro 2012 for about a month from now. Euro Cup 1st match between the host Poland vs. Greece, was playing by the time I publish this post. Big expectations comes from 16 countries which participates for Euro 2012 Cup. Indonesian famous magician, Romy Rafael, had already done his self hypnosis, in order to predict the teams which will be the next Euro 2012 Champions.

In the Publicity Stunt Euro 2012, in Jakarta, titled Self Hypnosis, Romy was drowned in an aquarium size of 2m x 2m x 2,15m. He's doing a self hypnosis using water as the media. After 15 minutes under water, he came out from the aquarium and quickly started to write down the vision that he had got, in some square white boards using airbrush paint. The boards then sealed, witnessed by the authority, and later drowned into the aquarium. The result will be opened after the final game of Euro 2012.

Another Indonesian crazy prediction was already published on the youtube, uploaded on March 22. Dwi Santoso told that the Green Army from Ireland will raise the Euro 2012 trophy, due to on his premonition, he pictured so many green color when the words Euro 2012, came to his mind. Though, he probably has forgotten that the football field is also coloured in green. The video with the titled Ireland for Euro 2012 – A Crazy Prediction was based on the success of Greece which won the Euro 2004, that so many people had doubt it before.

But I disagree with him, I just continued the premonition. The green color is the blue and yellow color combination. The blue and yellow flags will flood on the final match, in Ukraine. Ukraine flag is blue and yellow, so that Ukraine is the team which also the co-host, will have their 1st trophy at their 1st participation, to break the curse of becoming the host spectator, in Euro Cup history.

Ukraine A Team

Please don't take it seriously, or even personal! It's just also another crazy prediction..!!

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