Dealing with Boring Job

December 04, 2011

There's a proverb said, ' Go for as much as you can reach it. Later when You could not do anything about it, only remorse is obtained '. While We're still in the productive age, I agree with the opinion that says we have to work hard. Perhaps you once also heard, ' Fortune will not come twice '.

This situation can be achieved if Our conditions allow it to reach it. Health and family is a major factor. Current conditions in which jobs increasingly narrow and difficult to obtain, the main capital is fortitude. Support from family is very helpful to give encouragement to you.

Parents advice, husband, wife, the joy with your children and always think positive are encouragement key. Staying in one job in a long time period, sometimes brings boredom. Your routine job every day for 6 days a week will take you on one point of saturation. Especially if your career is stuck ' on path place ', only moving from one division to another without promotion is one thing that triggers a person seeking a new job.

Live load which increases the cost of supporting life, working part time to be the solution to supplement your income. Before you decide to quit your job there are a few things to note :

You must create a target, for example : ' Another year I continue working here. Next year, I have got a new job '. By making target, you are expected to be lighter in feeling the load. These targets should be flexible to change or be changed. It is expected to not every time you think of something that is hard to find a way out.

Field Work
You must consider your age. Can I compete with the fresh graduate to get a job? Sometimes a company more interested to recruit fresh graduates instead of those who have work experience. Just because standards salaries paid are not as high as if they recruit an experienced, although on job vacancy it's written experience preferred.

For whom you work? If you are married or even had children, you should think twice to find a new job. If you have worked at a company for 5 years but felt the salary you earn is not enough to feed your family, first thing you should check is your expenses. Are all the expenses for needs or desires? Needs and desires sometimes makes anyone feels their salary do not quite enough to support their family. Enough or not enough salaries is relative. Your lifestyle determines whether or not your salary enough for you and your family.

I hope this article can help those who feel bored with their job. What is the work of the author? I have worked almost 9 years in a warehouse without ever getting a promotion, salary increases each year only. Boredom? It is definitely there. Ever applied for a job elsewhere? Sure, 3 times for 3 years (once a year) in the same company, before I was appointed to be a permanent employee.

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