What Your Name Means

July 03, 2011

Want to know what's the meaning of your name according to the numbers? Continue reading!

Numerology, or the science of numbers already exist for thousands of years ago. Numeromancy, or also commonly called Arithomancy. Here is the meaning and significance of the numbers 1 through 9.

  1. Strict, arbitrary, ambitious, leader, self- centered, creative, aspiring / desire, wise, pioneers.
  2. Dualism, full of doubt, emotional instability, gentle, sensitive, artistic, intuitive, moody, conscientious, tempermental.
  3. Trinity (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit), Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva, discipline, influential (easily affect / provoke / control / manage others), understanding, romantic.
  4. Four season / direction of the wind, stable emotions, opinionated / principled, law-abiding, brave, realistic, not easily influenced, open-minded / broad / modern, radical, patient, painstaking.
  5. Five senses, will develop / progress / learning, active, intelligent, emotional, unyielding, high libido, brave.
  6. Creative, abstract (not easy to guess), lovers of peace / beauty / harmony, imagination, trustworthy, romantic, hardworking, clever, deft.
  7. Minded clergy, religious, philosophical, intuitive, self-aware, clearheaded / positive / open / broad, adventurous, curiosity is high.
  8. Moody, search life balance, slang, friendly, self-contained, closed nature of others, thrift, a strategist.
  9. Perfection, influence and power, daring, active, full of ideas, caring fellow, loving, caring, jaunty.

How does your name mean?

By using the formula of Pythagoras, Greek philosopher, we can know the total number of our names. Here's how the math Pythagoras:

1 = A J S

2 = B K T

3 = C L U

4 = D M V

5 = E N W

6 = F O X

7 = G P Y

8= H Q Z

9 = I R

How is it calculated?

Suppose your name is John Doe.

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2

Doe = 4+6+5 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

John Doe = 2+6 = 8

So, the meaning of the name John Doe is the meaning of the number 8, which are moody, search life balance, slang, friendly, self-contained, closed nature of others, thrift, a strategist.

If you tired of counting for your name, or doesn't satisfy with the result. You then just simply go here, enter your name and get the result. Perhaps we can learn from it, and make better for ourself, in the future.

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