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July 10, 2011

Each SBI! owner has achieved life-changing goals. SBI! enables you to do the same, even if you are a total newbie.

A Message From Ken Evoy, Founder Of

Despite having the best (the only) product of its kind, you and I have a problem. And it's the same problem. Here it is...

The average person researches for more than 3 months (years, even!) before committing to SBI!. There are 3 reasons...

  1. Many are fooled by "Get Rich Quick" or fail with a legitimate product that does not include every thing they need to succeed (ex. WordPress with regular hosting). They become disillusioned, convinced that "you can't make money online", and give up before even trying SBI!.
  2. Many get temporarily side tracked by urban myths about SBI! that have evolved over a period of 10 years of success and constant updating.

Some are misled by the "Site Build It! scam" campaign by unscrupulous competitors. As a result, we have developed 2 ways for you to approach this site. Choose the one that best fits you!

Approach # 1. For The Practical (Those Who "Cut To The Chase")

Take this simple, fool-proof, logical shortcut. It makes your decision obvious, fast and safe, getting you started correctly and right away. Cut out all the "noise" and combine these two factors...

  1. No other company provides proof of success of unmatched rates and levels of success. Ask yourself why you have never seen such verifiable, documented proof elsewhere. It can only be because no other company can honestly do so.
  2. The 90 Day Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee. Take advantage of the Guarantee to turn your purchase into a 90-day free trial.

E-business success is the bottom line and no one else proves that they deliver. That does not mean that SBI! is right for you, for sure. So combine your best chance with a 90-day free trial. The worst that can happen? You will learn a lot, for free.

Stop or prevent months of research now. Start on the right fork in your road...

Order today.


Approach #2. For Those Who Want To Keep Researching...

Dig deeply into this site. Understand how the 1) powerful process, and the 2) uniquely complete set of tools work, and the 3) world's best set of forums and our 4) constant "keeping-up-to-date" (so you don't have to), all mesh-as-one to deliver success that nothing else, no product or company, even approaches.

Don't miss key pages such as this explanation of Content 2.0 which leap frogs SBI! beyond blogging.

Understand why conventional hosting can't compete.

Compare SBI! feature-by-feature to "big brand competitors".

If you are a Webmaster, don't miss why SBI! is the right product for you, too.

Take 30 minutes to watch this video tour that shows you exactly what SBI! does, and how and why it works.

Continue by reading the rest of this page (below), more information on Site Build It! and then explore the parts of the SiteSell Sitemap that are relevant to you.

It is a lot of research. But everything you need is on this site. Your future business is worth the patient investment of time.

If you are serious about starting your own e-business soon, I recommend taking Approach #1. Unmatched proof and a risk-free trial get you started now, the single most important step to take. But if Approach #2 is right for you, this site delivers everything you could ever want to know. And if it's not here, ask a SiteSell Advisor.

Wishing you the success you deserve on your journey,

K e n E v o y
F o u n d e r , S i t e S e l l . c o m

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