Pranayama Yoga, Stress Release

June 23, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Yoga Pose
Marilyn Monroe Yoga Pose

Pranayama, yoga breathing exercise, is not only help to relieve the stresses of life, but also to improve the antioxidant status of the individual. (Bhattacharya S, et al. 2002) Pranayama is used for controlling the energy within the body, the mind, and acting as a vitalizing. And also for regenerating force to increase oxygen exchange, which may benefit for physical healing. (Dorland's Medical Dictionary)

Yoga breathing is also a unique method for balancing the autonomic nervous system, influencing psychologic and stress related disorders. Yoga techniques enhance well being, mood, attention, mental focus, and stress tolerance. Proper training by a skilled yoga teacher, and 30 minutes of practicing every day will maximize the benefits. (Brown RP, et al. 2005) However, yoga exercise is best practiced in the morning, before having breakfast.

The following is steps for practicing yoga respiration.

Sit on the floor, or a mat with crossing your legs!

1st Step

  • Close your lips.
  • Take a deep breath slowly as long as 3 second.
  • Exhale your breath slowly, and try to empty your mind for 5 second.
  • Then, inhale again for 5 second, and exhale.
  • Empty your mind for 10 second.
  • Repeat the step.
  • Do not inhale more than 5 second, and 10 second for exhaling.
  • Do it for six times.
  • Take a break for a minute.

2nd Step

  • Close your left nose hole with your left forefinger.
  • Inhale using your right nose hole for 5 second.
  • Then, with your left middle finger, close your right nose hole.
  • Exhale through your left nose hole.
  • Inhale through your right nose hole, exhale through your left.
  • Repeat this six times.
  • Take a rest.


  • Take a rest for a minute with normal inhale.
  • Take a huge breath without forcing yourself.
  • Open your mouth, and make your lips as if you spell a letter O.
  • Exhale it slowly with making sound fuh..fuh.
  • Empty your mind for 7 second.
  • Pay attention on the time between twice fuh is 1 until 7 second.

3rd Step

  • Take a breath as much as you can, for 5 second.
  • Sit still, and hold your breath by counting until 7.
  • Then exhale in 5 second, and stop breathing for 3 second.
  • Repeat this six times.
  • Take a rest.

You have done pranayama yoga stress release exercise.

Disclaimer: This exercise should not be done, if you have shortness of breath, a breathing difficulty, which involves a sensation of difficult, or uncomfortable breathing, or a feeling of not getting enough air.

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