Techno House Music vs Symphonic Black Metal

December 07, 2011

Goddess & Angel
女神 & 天使
Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Dec 26, 2009.

I had an experience with both of my children when they were still in the womb of my wife. Many articles say that classical music can help infants during brain development in the womb. But what I've done was very different.

On my wife's first pregnancy, ranging in age from 4 months of pregnancy, I always play the songs from Theatre Of Tragedy, from album Aegis before bed. I created a CD player alarm to wake up with the same song. Track 1 of Aegis album titled Cassandra is the wake up alarm. This happened until my daughter was born.

Cassandra track from Theatre of Tragedy becomes our (my wife and I) favorite song. My wife did not really fond of a type of song like symphonic black metal before. After my daughter was born, I never play that song again. Cause my baby daughter was not fond of it after she was born.

Same as before, when my wife was pregnant with her second, from the age of 5 months of pregnancy, as always I play songs before bed. This time from the album Elements of Life from DJ Tiesto. My little daughter were never felt disturb with the song while she were sleeping. This happens until my son were born.

What happened then??

After 4 years later, I found nearly the same character on both of them. My daughter was rampart, selfish and own way. Vice versa with her younger brother. What differs is the level of maturity. My son is more easily made to understand and want to give in than her sister. Despite of their age difference is only 20 months, my daughter never budge on her brother.

I always give understanding to both of them that they had to share each other. When my daughter was 4 years old, I never bought special toys for girl. But I always bought a toy that can be played together, in hoping that they can share.

But that is not true a year later. When both my children have their own favorite toys. My daughter prefers to play Barbie dolls and then my son loves Thomas The Train Engine toys. But still, they are still exchanging their toys. Let see what will happen to my children in the next 5 years.

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  1. I love house music!


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