How to Say I'm Sorry

March 12, 2012

Just like a song lyrics by Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry. Saying the word sorry is the hardest thing to do. Conversely, if saying the word sorry is so easily for you, and then the same mistake you would have done. Don't you?

To Forgive is To Forget

The point is, if we make a mistake and apologized, people who accept our apology, do not be so quick on willing to forgive us. Due to forgeting the mistakes of others is not that easy. And so do we..

We will not be easy to forget someone's fault, even though that person has already apologized. That mistake will remain to be a scar in our hearts. Although that was not entirely his/her fault, but for the sake of a long established relationship, he/she is willing to be the first to apologize.

Your Mouth is Your Tiger

Our words often hurt others. We've done it without us knowing it. A matter that for us is just a joke for fun, means the opposite way for others. And the worst is, if you said it to make fun of him/her in front of so many people. He/she will consider it to be bullying by you.

Now!! Put yourself as the victim of bullying. How do you feel? What do you do, if you've been treated that way? And, what do you expect from them to make you feel better? I guess, that makes you feel more guilty! But if you don't? You must see a shrink!!

Writing is Sharper than Words

An expression of anger through writing is more painful than the spoken words. Despite of hearing nothing, by the time we are reading it, our brain will immediately distribute it into the deepest of our hearts.

It is different from when we are listening. We still manage to filter out those phrases by our ears. Our brains will still be able to control those words, and not to be distributed directly into our hearts.

Finally, important thing that we must do is, to look deep into ourself, an introspection. Have I been forgiven myself? If we have already been forgiven ourselves for all our mistakes, then we might be able to say sorry, an honest apology.

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