How To Find Quality Dofollow Backlink As Many As You Can

July 20, 2012

Backlinks can help improve your website rank in search engines result pages, and the more sites are linking to yours, your site's reputation will also increasing. Most webmasters are in quest to find as many as possible dofollow backlink for their site, especially from the high quality, or high PR sites. For most webmasters, dofollow backlink is worth a lot than nofollow backlink.

But I'm disagree with that, in my own perception, your nofollow backlinks are worth as your dofollow backlinks. Just like nofollow backlinks that you've got, by placing your website URL on social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and etc. Though it's possible get dofollow backlinks from those social media, if you can manage to gain lots of traffic from them (as referring site).

The difference is that your nofollow backlinks may not all appear on your Alexa's Sites Linking to your site pages.

But, all of them are appeared on your Google Webmaster Tools Links to Your Site pages. Alexa counts all your backlinks, eventhough the links (the pages) have been removed from the sites, or the sites were no longer exist (dead links), but Google doesn't.

Compared to Alexa, Google counts the links that still alive or exist, and didn't describe the pages URL that linked to your site like Alexa did, only number of links and linked pages. Google counts only domain name, for example, blogspot and wordpress blogs are only counted by its domain name.

I once wrote about the strange of backlinks on Alexa. In my previous post Backlink from Your Own Blog, I described that you can get dofollow backlink from your blogs. So far, I only got 1 backlink from my blog, but I saw another blogger's blog got 5 multiple backlinks from his own blog URL.

But wait..!

Have you add your site to Google Webmaster and claim your site on Alexa? You must have done it first, in order that Google and Alexa are paying more intention to your site. The higher your website PR, the more frequently Googlebot and Alexa crawl your site.

I assume that you probably had already Googling for search term dofollow blog, list of dofollow blog, edu and gov wordpress blog, or high PR commentluv blog, etc.

For example, with its post title List of High PR .edu Dofollow Blogs 2012, is on page one from your Googling result.

Then you visit, read the post for about 2 minutes. You are curious with the list, in which probably more than 10 links. And then you start to click one by one of the links, or copy paste one by one to a new tab, to visit all links.

Let's say, it takes a minute to load each link. What was your result? Did you satisfy with the result? I assume that you just spent about 12 minutes of worthless pageview visit to I guess that most of the links on the list are probably dead. You have forgotten the main point here.

Have you ever wonder whether if had visited all those links, or already got backlinks from one of them? I bet that's webmaster never actually try to click all links on its list, he just only gatherred the lists (copy paste) from others.

So, what's the point then?

Let me ask you! Who was the one who counted your dofollow backlink? If you read my post carefully, you'll know the answer right away....

...mmm.. Yap, Alexa. Alexa is the dofollow backlinks source. That's why, there're no sites got backlink from, whether is nofollow or dofollow, even (the #1 Alexa rank).

Go to Alexa website! Search for your site's niche! For example: you type blogging, and then the top result with most traffic and rank is Click on it! You will go to's site info. Have a look on the site reputation! How many does's sites linking in? Let's say it has 14,256 sites linking in.

Click on the number! You will go to sites linking to (page1). There you go! You have seen the top 100 (5 pages) dofollow sites lists of Now, all you have to do is eliminate the list one by one! If on the top 20 (page 1) are only backlink from high PR sites such as,,,, and, it will be hard for you to get those backlinks.

Now, move on to the top 40 (page 2)! Look for the site that contain pages or dates. For example you see on the number 21 is:

There are 3 possibilities lay within the link. may get doffolow backlink directly from the post article, by commenting, or the page was no longer exist (dead links). And still, it's worth to check it out, to add value to yourself, better than following the lists from webmasters who haven't got backlinks from the lists, just like did.

But.. There is always but..

Your 1st visit to best_list.html page for instance, from copy paste the link, will be consider as a spam visit. Why? Because your referring site was unknown. You must at least bookmarks the site to visit again, or visit from search engine by Googling for

Ups.. I've forgot to describe about the main point, the more easiest way. Back to the googling result example above! The top result from the example above was Check the Alexa's sites linking to! Now, you will know whether's webmaster has been made a fool of you or not.


  1. wow, that seems a wonderful idea. do you really think getting backlinks from their pages going to help me bakclinks for my site.

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  3. Thanks for this information. I agree if the nofollow backlinks are worth as the dofollow backlinks..

  4. this is great information,I was always wondering about significance for nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

  5. Thanks for the information, good luck always and good morning

  6. Thank you for the information, I was thinking about adding a Flickr account for backlinking.

    1. By placing your URL on flickr will get you nofollow backlink from a PR9 site.

  7. Yes of course but I am so far not 100% satisfied what is dofollow

  8. good luck always and Thanks for the information.I am so far not 100% satisfied what is do-follow.

    1. Me too. Dofollow backlinks only attract returning visitors

  9. Thank you, man. You really solved my problem!

  10. Hey man that was real information i was in search of. Thanks

  11. Thanks for detailed explanation. You have written nofollow links also has importance is totally right As,I have mostly nofollow links but still some of keywords ranks well in search engine.


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