How To Choosing Where To Live

July 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The problems in building, or buying a house are essentially the same. Begin by choosing a community that suits your family's needs.

Question you should ask are as follows:

Is the general character of the community appealing to you?

Does the town have good public recreation facilities, such as park areas, tennis courts, baseball field, and swimming pool?

What is the caliber of the schools? Are the teachers good? Are the buildings new, or in good repair? How many children are there to a class?

Is there a place of worship for your religion?

Is convenient public transportation available for each member of your family? Are there buses, trains, or street-cars to businesses, schools, and stores?

How far will you have to travel to your place of work? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

Do police and fire departments operate quickly and efficiently in an emergency?

Does the town have a reputation as a safe place to live? Are adequate local medical and hospital facilities available?

Will the local stores satisfy your tastes and needs? Do their prices come within your budget?

What is the quality of the local government?
Municipal decisions will affect the development of your town and the amount of your taxes.

Use these standards to judge your neighbourhood:

Are nearby houses and properties deteriorating, or improving?

What are the zoning regulations? Can a factory or a store be built next to your house?

Is the house you are considering more expensive than other nearby?
If so, you may be unable to sell it for as much you paid.

Are there noise nuisances nearby, such as an airport or a railroad?

Is there a steeply graded road next to the house that will require shifting of gears, and applying of brakes by heavy trucks, day and night?

Are nearby roads heavily travelled and dangerous?

Are you in the path of industrial fumes, or other disagreeable odors?
Check the prevailing winds on a week day when business and factories are open!

Will you like your neighbours? Are they in your financial and educational strata?
Chances are you will be most happy with people with similar likes and values.

If you are parents, do your neighbours have children of approximately the same age as yours?

Make sure your Home Sweet Home is the best place for your children's basic and main education!

Source : Encyclopedia International by James Brett

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