Cat's in The Cradle

April 14, 2012

Cat's in The Cradle

A fruit fell never far from its tree. An original song from Harry Chapin that sung again by Ugly Kid Joe really reminds me. Ugly Kid Joe is one of my favorite band when I was a teenage. If you are a father and have a son, perhaps you should read below lyric from the song Cats in The Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe.

My child arrived just the other day.
Came to the world in the usual way.
But there were planes to catch and bills to pay.
He learned to walk while I was away.
He was talking before I knew it.
And as he grew, he said, I'm gonna be like you, Dad. You know I'm gonna be like you.

And the cats in the cradle, and the silver spoon.
Little boy blue, and the man in the moon.
When you coming home?
Son, I don't know when, we'll get together then. You know we'll have a lot of good time then.

Well, my son turned ten just the other day.
He said, Thanks for the ball, Dad.
Come on! Lets play!
Could you teach me to throw?,
I said, Not today, I got a lot to do.
He said, That's okay!
And he walked away, and he smiled, and he said,
You know, I'm gonna be like him, yeah. You know, I'm gonna be like him.


Well, he came from college just the other day.
So much like a man, I just had to say,
I'm proud of you. Could you sit for a while?
He shook his head, and he said with a smile,
What I'd really like, Dad, is to borrow the car keys. See you later! Can I have them please?


I've long since retired, my son's moved away.
I called him up just the other day.
I'd like to see if you don't mind.
He said, I'd love to, Dad, if I could find the time. You see my new job's a hassle, and the kids have the flu, But it's sure nice talkin to you, Dad. It's been sure nice talkin to you.
And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me. He'd grown up just like me.
My boy was just like me.

Chorus 2x

What we can learn from the lyric, is to appreciate on what we have got. Our most valuable treasure! Your son in this case. If you are a father, you must love your son more than your love to your daughter, and pay more attention to your daughter's manner than to your son! What do you think then?

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