The Most Valuable Treasure

March 31, 2012

If God gives you a chance to ask for anything, what would you ask? Prosperity? Longevity? Health? A happy family? The following story has inspired me and I would like to share here in my blog post.

There is a boy who is not capable of following his study at school, and he always needs more guidance from his teachers and parents to understand about his study at school. His parents understand the shortcomings of their son, and always give him support, so that he will be able to see among his other advantages.

Although he is not capable of academically, he is a good boy, have lots of friends. The boy is an active person, who is so kindly on helping others. He always greeted everyone, and try to be friendly to everyone he met, by always providing a gentle smile.

After graduating from high school, that boy died in a motorcycle accident. His mother wrote a letter that was published in a newspaper:

" Today we buried our son who just turned to 20 years old. He died in a motorcycle accident last Friday. If I knew that yesterday was the last day I met him, I will tell him how much I loved him, and how I was proud of him. I would say, what a gentle smile he had, and how cheerful laughter.

After counting all his weaknesses, I found that his disadvantages can not be compared with all the goods that he has. I have lost a good time to say that I really love him, but I believe that there are many parents who still have a chance for it. Say to your children what you want them to listen, while you have the opportunity for it!

I still remembered in the Friday morning, before his death. Before he went out, he called me. What did he say? Mom, I just called to say how much I love you. Bye Mommy!! My son has gone, but his words are still heard clearly. He has left me a treasure. He never forgot to express his love to me. This is what will always treasure my memories, and I will express that love in the form of attention to others. "

Although the boy had gone, he must have heard all of what his mother had said. I'm sure of it ..

My Most Valuable Treasure

My Most Valuable TreasureJatim Park 2, Batu, East Java, Indonesia, Oct 23, 2011.

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