The Water of Life

April 02, 2012

The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy

A book written by J.W. Armstrong based on his own experience. He had childhood memory of his mother smearing urine on his face which was swollen from a bee sting. Just like my childhood memory when I got an eyeache. Read my post about it here...

I had over 30 cases of Bright's disease and other afflictions of the bladder and kidneys to advise upon, and in no instance did it take longer than from 4 to 14 days of urine fasts to restore normality, and a satisfying state of general health. (page 57)

J.W. Armstrong was diagnosed to be suffered from TB. After 2 years of unsuccessful medical treatment, in which doctor after doctor proved unable to cure him, he started doing urine therapy, and was cured within two months.

Urine therapy is an entirely drugless system of healing that treats the body as a whole. The only ingredient needed is a substance manufactured in the body itself, rich in mineral salts, hormones and other vital substances.

You may find it to be disgusting to take back into your body, something that your body is apparently discarding. Your own toxic waste. As long as you can beat yourself (dringking your own urine), and then you might able to defeat your diseases.

Some people may not find the urine therapy to be a benefit for them, but for some desperate people, it became the last hope on finding cures. The book was published by Random House UK on December 3, 2004, which has 136 pages. Click here to buy The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy book from Amazon.

Did you know that rabbit's urine is worth IDR 10,000 ($1 USD) per litre?

Would you believe it? A fertiliser price which is more expensive that a litre of gasoline in my country Indonesia.

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