Ways to Eliminate Stress

November 27, 2011

Anyone are usually not conscious of being depressed mainly mild to moderate depression because the symptoms are not too flashy. When depression has become severe, then most people see a doctor and prescribed anti-depressants.

In addition to a wide range of side effects, there're ways to overcome depression that more healthy without any drugs. These include :

Light Therapy
On cloudy days in winter, some people prone to mild depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). One way to relieve symptoms is with light therapy, which sits next to a box with a bright light using lasers, light emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, and any others that usually controlled with various devices.

This therapy is usually performed for about 15 minutes and increase to two hours every day. It depends on the severity of symptoms and the intensity of light is determined by your doctor. This therapy does not cure depression, but can relieve the symptoms after a few days.

Research shows that meditation plays a role in preventing recurrence of depression. The research focused on awareness based cognitive therapy that combines traditional meditation with cognitive behavioral approach. Meditation has been used in clinical settings as a method of stress and pain reduction.

Support Groups
Support groups have long been used as a standard of mental treatment, but not used as often today. This method is an excellent way to help treat mild depression. This group will provide education about depression, act as community advocates, and provide learning opportunities for people who face similar problems.

Have a Diary
Research has shown that therapies that teach you how positive thinking can relieve depression. Mood diary to train someone to track the positive things happening in her life and not let negative events cause it to fall. The diary will keep the mood remained negative events in the perspective of a reasonable and also serves as a reminder that the days of good can happen. Write once a week will be easier and not writing a diary every day if you feel too much work, so this practice can continue.

Practicing Yoga can reduce stress, hostility, anxiety, depression, increase energy, sleep quality, and welfare. Although not too much research on this theme, Yoga is proven to be a simple and low risk for depression.

Like many other alternative therapies, there are no data that prove acupuncture can reduce depression. However, some research suggests it might. Research by the University of Arizona against 33 people depressed women found that 64% of depressed patients experienced improvement in symptoms after undergoing acupuncture. Compared with only 27% in the group who did not receive similar treatment.

Exercise can relieve depression, appears to work by affecting the expenditure of brain chemicals that regulate mood, namely norepinephrine and serotonin. Exercise also releases endorphins which can lead to feelings such as 'floating' on a few athletes runners. Exercise as much as 3-5 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking is the best.

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