Healthy Life is Priceless pt.2

October 21, 2011

Habits vs Diets

Everyone will want to live a healthy life. But without knowing it, sometimes we made some mistakes in eating or handling food. Experts say, this error include the most commonly performed, it can even occur in people who care about healthy diet though. Here are the errors in eating food that you need to know :

Drinking Diet Soda

Diet soda drinks emerged as an alternative for soda lovers who want to maintain their weight. But in fact, diet soda is no different from regular soda. Diet soda is often attributed as a cause of weight gain. Diet sodas may be calorie free, but that doesn't mean you can be free from the consequences of weight gain.

A study at the University of Texas found that drinking two glasses or more diet sodas could increase a waist circumference of 500% greater in the next 10 years, compared to not drink diet soda. What causes this to happen? The major factor is the pattern of thinking.

Promising diet soda drinks as good as regular soda, but no calories. Frills 'zero calorie' is then misinterpreted and make people think, safe to eat lots of food. In fact, diet sodas also contain plenty of sugar. In addition, diet soda can increase the desire to eat more junk food. The content of sodium in the diet soda causes people to more easily thirsty. But the brain is often caught on the body's thirst signals as hunger signals. So the desire to eat is greatly increased.

The solution: Replace with drinking other that has more nutritious but low in calories and fat. Such as fat-free milk, green tea or fresh juice without sugar. Milk can give the effect of filling and helps build muscle. While green tea rich in anti-oxidants and increase metabolism.

Gave Too Much Extra on Salad Dressings

Selecting a mixture of various kinds of vegetables as an appetizer is a healthy choice. But the least healthy salad you ate, depending on what ingredients you add on top of it. If you add beef slices bacon, sunflower seeds, meat and cheese, the amount of calories and fat in your salad can equal or even more than a cheeseburgers.

The solution : If you want a healthy salad, get rid of all types of meat, dry bread, meat, tuna, eggs, pasta, potatoes and mayonnaise based dressing. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil is the best choice for salad dressings. If you wanted a more creamy taste salad, add the yogurt without the taste of low fat.

Eating While Working

Eating while working at a computer can cause us to overeat. Why? Because there was never any sense of satisfaction. We tend to eat whatever is on the plate without us remember what and how much has been eaten. So we tend to eat more.

The solution: Keep yourself from elektrobik devices while eating. Even if you are forced to eat at your desk, swivel chair position so that the view was not on the computer monitor. It could also put the computer on stand-by position. Just focus on food, will make you full faster and eat less food.

Storing Fresh Vegetables For a Long Time

Fresh vegetables are healthy. But only if eaten in a state of really fresh, not wilted. During this time, perhaps many of us are directly store fresh vegetables in the fridge or put it in the open air. But probably few know that vegetables are allowed to wilt will lose nutritional importance.

Therefore, if you do not intend using or consuming vegetables immediately after purchase, should be frozen and put in the freezer. Nutrition in frozen vegetables as much as fresh vegetables. This is because, frost can bind nutrients in vegetables. Place in an airtight container tightly so that the nutrients remain intact. There are many assumptions are wrong about frozen vegetables. But keep it in the freezer can store all the essential nutrients. You can save a maximum of one week.

" Let us not waste our health to look for treasure and then squandered our treasure to seek health "

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