Perfect Diet

November 02, 2011

Diet often misunderstood with torturing the body by not eating at all. Though diet success key is by changing your bad lifestyle and habits. From many diet programs that you've been through, there are some little things that can actually accelerate weight loss. Try these following tips :

Walk More
This is certainly often you hear but feeling lazy and tired of always be a reason not to. Walk up the stairs burns calories high enough. 300 calories for 30 minutes. It also boost heart rate and stamina through leg motor movement, so it can reduce your risk of heart attack. Also park your car further, so you have time to walk more. But make sure the place you park is not a strange place for security reasons.

Smart Shopping
Avoid canned, processed or ready-to-eat foods when you shop at the supermarket. Choose fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, fresh bread or meat. Do not shop when hungry, because it all seemed to be purchased. Lastly, check the detail contents of food listed on the packaging. Avoid foods with high calories, fats and sugars.

Foods Journal
Making a journal about everything that you consume may sound silly and a waste of time, but it can motivate you. When you read it from day to day, you will be surprised with the fact that your diet has failed. Little things like eating sweets too much until your coffee is too much sugar lead to it. But remember, do not get obsessed with your scale numbers.

Foods from Home
It is useful to know what you eat and how many condiments are included. The portion that was brought from home were usually much less than the portion of the restaurant. And most importantly, you can save even more money.

Stop Your Bad Habits
Add sugar to drinks, beverages soda selection, ice cubes, until adding salt to your food. It much better to eat one teaspoon of peanut butter for snacking.

Brain Alarm
Did you know that your brain needs 20 minutes to remind you that your stomach is full? The best way to make you full faster is to drink a full glass of water 15 minutes before meals and another while you are eating. It's recommended to eat five small meals rather than three large meals.

Turn off your TV while Dinner
When eating, your body will process food focus and hard work to perform multitasking functions. Thus, during the time watching TV while eating, you will not realize how much you eat and forget the alarm when it's stuffed body.

This extra activity besides lowering the body stress levels, it also burns calories quite a lot. Do it with friends and it can prevent the coming depression. Your body will get used and stamina becomes more powerful and stable.

Another fairly trivial thing that never bored repeated. Ideally 7-9 hours of sleep is good but it all varies depending on the needs of each person. Without enough sleep, your metabolism is compromised. It began to lose sharpness to process food more, so your fat will be buried without a chance to be burned.

" Let us not waste our health to look for treasure and then squandered our treasure to seek health "

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" Let us not waste our health to look for treasure and then squandered our treasure to seek health " - Verdi

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