Knowing Your Site Rank

November 19, 2011

Having a site but doesn't have any visitors? What then??

Submit your site to the search engine! 1st of all check your site rank at Just type your URL there, then you'll see the result of your global rank. How many sites that are linking to your site? The best keywords based on your site contents. Also percentages of keywords that used on search engine recently. By linking your site to Alexa site will increase your site rank.

Download the Alexa toolbar for free to have best rank on search engine, also you can monitor your site page rank. Having Alexa Site Audit will give your site better rank. Alexa will crawl and analyze your website to give you an in depth view of your site's visibility to search engines. Provide insights into the optimization, monetization and overall health of your site.

But.... Wait a minute..

Sometimes SEOs and site owners encounter some problems. Their sites were suddenly going down in the search engine results pages, for no particular reason. It's hard to figure out why your rank dived to the last pages. Let's consider possible reasons and solutions to the problem.

  • Got penalized or banned by Google
    As stated in Google Webmaster Guidelines, one must not participate in link schemes. Buying/ selling links, create doorway pages, or use hidden text. These are considered illegitimate SEO practices and may bring Google's wrath. If your site gets penalized, find out what might have caused this. Read Google's Webmaster Guidelines and remove whatever is in violation from your site.
  • Search engine algorithm has changed
    Search engines are trying to keep their search results as relevant and SPAM free as possible. By increasing number of websites on the Internet today, search engines are forced to tweak their search algos to keep spammers at bay. Google's algorithm Panda was intended to do away with sites that provide poor quality content.
    It also affected groups of sites that have significant duplicate content by nature, such as e-commerce sites, online directories, etc. First of all, if you are doing SEO and you really mean it, you should be informed about what's new in the Search Engine.
  • Your website's content got stolen or got banned for copyright infringement
    If your rank suddenly dropped, that could be because someone has stolen the content from your site and posted it somewhere else on the Web. Search engines sometimes lower both sites's ranks. Eventually, they are likely to start ranking your site as high as they used to before the incident. Once they realize who copied whose content. This may take some time.
    Banned for copyright infringement that is your site used somebody else's content to boost your site's rank. The owner of the content may have filed a DMCA request or reported your site to Google for copyright infringement. Then you should remove the duplicate content.
  • Competitors beat you in the SERPs
    Your rank may go down just because a competing site manages to boost their rankings to a substantial degree. If this is the case, analyze competitor's site and see in what way they are better than yours. Pay attention to their backlinks, keyword density, social media popularity and act.
  • Your site backlinks have been removed
    Due to backlinks with top Google positions pointing to your site's being removed, resulting your site rank drop. Check the backlinks pointing to your site. If this happens, you should get these links back or get similar backlinks from other websites.

Sometimes unexpected things happen. Google removed 11 million domains from its index, all on one day. Hope that will not happen to your site.

Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using a proprietary page ranking technology with Millions of popular Web sites indexed.

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