Healthy Life is Priceless

September 26, 2011

Being healthy are everyone's dream. But most people have some problems about their eating habits. Eating habits for healthy foods are considered to be difficulties of some people. The way of life that some people do are the most important thing, whether we want to be healthy or not.

You must devide the term of "what you need" and "what you want". Think about it everyday in your life. No pain no gain, that's the fact. When your are sick or suffering from any diseases, you must have felt a lot of pain (from medicine) before you heal.

Here are several tips to gain a healty life :

  • Many people believe, drinking while eating can interfere with digestion and trigger obesity. The fact is not always the case, because eating is interspersed with drinking. Water can actually help you lose weight.
  • Avoid drinking tea after meal, because it can make a protein that is contained in the food becomes difficult to digest. Substances that are difficult to digest could reach 80%.
  • If you are the kind of a pessimistic person, you must change that attitude. Harvard scientists found that people whose attitude is optimistic and satisfied with their life will have a healthier heart.
  • You should reduce the hours of sleep, because the researchers found that one cause of dementia, especially in old age was due mostly to sleep.
  • Vegetables that contain the lowest amount of choline such as spinach, carrots, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce and cabbage can eliminate body odor. High levels of choline which triggers the body produces a chemical compound that causes the trimethylamine someone has severe body odor like the smell fishy.
  • As the summer with high temperatures usually easy endurance will drop. Keep the intake of drinking water but avoid very cold drinks because when the weather is too hot can cause stomach cramps when the body temperature is high.
  • If you forget what to do or want to take something, try to give time for the brain to rest for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is enough for the brain to refresh, so they can think more clearly and recall.

Let us not waste our health to look for treasure and then squandered our treasure to seek health.

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