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November 21, 2013

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What is Kundalini?

Kundalini, in Sanskrit language means snake, is often described as a sleeping snake, that is being coiled up at the base of the spine, in the triangular shaped of coccyx (tailbone), in three and a half coils. Kundalini as a sleeping snake, is a dormant potential force, or a residual power of pure desire, in human body.

According to an ebook, Kundalini Reiki Manual by Paul Crick, healthypages forum moderator, kundalini means certain healing channels, and chakras have been opened, to gain access to the Earth's energy, as a part of universal energy.

Does it mean, kundalini should be awakened first? Yes, it does. We should awaken our root chakra (the energy centre) first, in order to feel our kundalini energy. But, Paul said in his ebook, that one can awaken his kundalini energy with patiently, by following his instruction.

If you have mastered on your sixth sense, just like I did, it will be easier for you, to feel your kundalini energy, by focussing your mind on your coccyx, the centre of kundalini energy.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Based on a treatise by Sivananda Saraswati, in 1935, kundalini yoga, a school of yoga, was influenced by the tantra, and shakta schools of Hinduism. In kundalini yoga, the students are taught to focus on awakening the kundalini energy, through regular practice of meditation, pranayama yoga, chanting mantra, and yoga asana.

The aims of kundalini yoga, which called by the yoga practitioners as the yoga of awareness, is to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak the truth, focus on the compassion, and consciousness needed to serve, and heal others.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual practice developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. Reiki healing technique is also called palm healing. A form of alternative medicine, by using Reiki practioners palms on the patients body.

Reiki practitioners believe that by using their palms, they are transferring universal energy of ki (qi, or chi).

Several translation are mentioned to describe the meaning of reiki. Some authors translate reiki as universal life energy. Reiki, in Japanese language derived from the words, rei (spirit, miraculous, divine), and ki (gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness). So, reiki means spiritual energy, vital energy, life force, or energy of life. But, there are also several translation of reiki such as, feeling of mystery, atmosphere of mystery, ethereal atmosphere, or spiritual presence.

What is The Difference Between Reiki and Kundalini Reiki?

Below I quote what Paul Crick said in healthypages forum:

Kundalini Reiki is not a form of Usui Reiki, it works with different energy, and the energy beings behind the modality are different, there are no symbols as the connection is direct.

The Kundalini Reiki treatments only take a few minutes to perform, there are no hand positions, you just put your hands on someones shoulders, and think Kundalini Reiki, you feel the energy start to flow, after a few minutes the energy will stop, and the treatment is finished.

This energy modality is simplicity itself to use and pass on, nothing complicated to get in the way of the energy flowing :-)

What is Kundalini Reiki?

In his ebook, Paul Crick described that, kundalini reiki is a simple form of healing and self development system, by opening, and strengthening the energy channel of the body, to direct the healing reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention. Kundalini reiki was first coined by Ole Gabrielsen, a master of meditation.

Kundalini reiki is a direct result of Ole Gabrielsen many hours of Holy Communion with Master Kuthumi (Koot Hoomi), the Master Energies, the Chocan of the Second Ray, that is connected to crown chakra, and the temple of love, wisdom, and understanding.

The goal of kundalini activation leads to expand the state of universal consciousness, peace, light and love is not a future promise, but one of immediate possibility.

Scientific Perspectives


There were several scientific studies to demonstrate the efficacy of reiki, in clinical practice. Several randomised clinical trials were searched using 23 databases from November 2007 until January 23, 2008. From 205 potentially relevant studies, the result only found nine randomised clinical trials, which met the inclusion criteria.

Two clinical trials suggested beneficial effects of reiki on depression. Overall, the study concluded that, the evidence is insufficient to suggest that reiki is an effective treatment for any conditions, and the value of reiki remains unproven. (Lee MS, et al. 2008)

Fibromyalgia, a condition of unknown cause characterized by chronic, diffuse pain, and tenderness to palpation at specific musculoskeletal sites. Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatologic condition after osteoarthritis, afflicting 2 to 4% of the general population.

A clinical trial was designed to investigate whether reiki is beneficial as an adjunctive treatment for fibromyalgia. The trial was conducted among 100 adults with fibromyalgia, in private medical offices, in Seattle, Washington, US.

Participants were devided into four groups, and randomly assigned to receive twice weekly treatment for 8 weeks, by either a reiki master, or an actor, to use direct touch, or distant reiki. The randomized controlled trial suggested that, adults with fibromyalgia are unlikely to benefit from reiki. (Assefi N, et al. 2008)


A study by Centre for Experimental Medicine and Surgery, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, found that, the practice of kundalini yoga helped to maintain a perfect homeostasis, and can be used as a non-medical measure, in treating patients with mental depression. The pulse rate, and blood pressure in patients are also lowered after practicing three, and six months of kundalini yoga. (Devi SK, et al. 1986)

An article by The Research Group for Mind-Body Dynamics, Institute for Nonlinear Science, University of California, San Diego, California, US, explained about kundalini yoga meditation techniques for psycho-oncology, and as potential therapies for cancer, in patient perspectives.

Some trials was showed efficacy on all psychological scales using the kundalini yoga protocol, in treating obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), including anxiety, and depression, were also significantly reduced. Two depression specific kundalini yoga techniques are described in helping combat mental fatigue, and low energy.

There are also kundalini yoga techniques that yoga practitioners have used in treating cancer, as well as potential adjunctive therapies. A case history had presented rapid onset of acute relief from an intense fear, in a breast cancer patient using a kundalini yoga technique specific for fear.

Second case history in 1988, a surviving male diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, who had used long term kundalini yoga therapy, as part of a self-directed integrative care approach. (Shannahoff-Khalsa DS. 2005)

Yoga practitioners perform meditations, in order to increase the awareness of internal body sensations. A study was designed to compare two groups of meditators, Tibetan Buddhist, and Kundalini, with non-meditators. Compared to non-meditators, meditators consistently rated their interoceptive performance as superior, and the difficulty of the task as easier.

The results was provided the evidence against the notion that practicing attention to internal body sensations, a core feature of meditation, will enhance the ability to sense the heartbeat at rest. (Khalsa SS, et al. 2008)

From several studies above, I conclude that by self practicing reiki, or kundalini yoga might gain better result in health achievement, and more effective, than only being an energy receiver from reiki, or kundalini yoga practitioners.

Personal Perspectives

In my own experiences, my wife turns out that, she had already known about awakening kundalini energy, although she never heard about the term of kundalini before. In my previous post, which titled, Afterlife, I described how my wife had her sixth sense be opened.

The therapist, who I thought was also a paranormal, who was trying to unlock my wife's, and her two colleagues's aura, explained to my wife about the centre energy in human tailbone. The therapist did not mention anything to my wife, and her two colleagues about kundalini energy.

The therapist only told to my wife, who became the only one who succeeded in unlocking the aura, to feel the energy that flew from her tailbone, raised up to her head, and then to her hands. My wife then felt that the energy was stopped, in all her fingertips, like an electric wave.

I was surprised that my wife knew about this before, although she never heard about kundalini before. I had also felt my kundalini energy, after I knew where the source of kundalini was located in my body. It is easy for me, because I had also my sixth sense be opened, and also with my first daughter, who had her sixth sense since birth.

The first time I explained about kundalini energy to my seven years old daughter, she did not even believe with what I was saying. I said to my daughter, You could also feel your kundalini energy, just think about the energy, which is hidden in your tailbone!

Watch this and feel it!, I put my left palm, about 10 cm in front of my daughter's face. There is hot air comes from your palm, Dad, said my daughter.

You could also do it too! Just think on your tailbone!, I said to her. But not by putting your hand in your ass. Just think about the energy! Feel the energy raised up to your head! You will feel your head is tickel and bigger. And then the energy stops in your fingertips, as you also felt tickel in your fingertips, I added.

You are right, Dad. Hi..hi..hi, said my daughter while trying to hold her laugh. I felt my daughter's kundalini energy. I never thought that I could also teach my own daughter to feel her kundalini energy, although I am not reiki, or yoga practitioner.

If you want to read, or download the ebook Kundalini Reiki Manual by Paul Crick, just google it! You can also email me if you want, or by placing your email in the comment form below. I will email you the 24 pages ebook, in which only 238 kB in size.

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