October 17, 2013

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I once had a sister who died at the age less than two years. My sister, Devie, was born on October 21, 1984. Our age were differed about three years of age. My sister died on April 4, 1986, at a hospital, in Surabaya.

Before her last breath, Devie, called my name, Yik.. Yik... What she meant, was Kelik, my childhood's nickname, in which always used by my parents. Kelik, in Basa Jawa, means a little boy. Devie always called me by the name of Yik.

After the death of my sister, I became the only child of my parents. Because my mother had done a sterile surgery, when Devie aged five months old. My mother suffered a severe stress, and bumps like boils were growing up in her head.

What had happened with my mother was lasted until a year, according to her story. Boils in her head was no longer growing, after my mother managed to let go the my past memory of my sister's death, and confessed her sins before a priest.

Before I was born, my mother once had a miscarriage. The birth of Devie was from an unwanted pregnancy of my mother. The pregnancy was my mother third time. Why was the birth of Devie unwanted? Because she always felt miserable when pregnant.

Each time she saw the light, or exposed to light, she always felt nauseous, and wanted to vomit. My mother always avoided a light. In her third pregnancy, my mother ignored all taboos for pregnant women.

It was contrary to when she was carrying me in pregnancy. She always obeyed to what the elders had said to her. In a year of my mother's mourning days, I was having several times of suffering seizures, with calling out the name of Devie.

14 Years Later

For some reasons, that day, I really missed my sister, and a tear dropped from my eyes. I had already gifted with a sixth sense at that moment. The stress of not getting a job, made me every day, just sitting in my room, in front of a computer, and played PC games.

Suddenly I felt someone hugged me from behind. Somehow, without looking back, I knew that it was my sister, Devie, who hugged me from behind. It was the first time, I met with her, after 14 years of her death.

The figure of Devie was no longer a two years old baby, but the figure of a girl who aged 18 years. Since then, every time someone told me a story, about others who had died, I always felt the presence of that person, though without naming them.

I told my parents, that Devie now had grown into a mature young girl, with a shoulder length hair. Although did not have a sixth sense, my mother always felt, when the figure of Devie, was leaning on her shoulder.

But, I had never seen, Devie approached my father, or hugged him, like she did to my mother. During her lifetime, Devie was my father 's favorite daughter. I once asked Devie about this.

I do not want to see him cry, whispered Devie. Indeed, my father was a strong man. When the death of Devie, he did not even shed a tear.

My Wife's Sixth Sense

In 2005, I married my wife. Every time I fulfilled my obligations as a husband, I always prayed to God, to give me a daughter, as replacement for my past sister. A month after we got married, my wife was pregnant.

At first my wife did not have a sixth sense. Working in an expensive beauty salon, in Sidoarjo, my wife with her two colleagues, was given the course for reflexology. The therapist who I thought was also a paranormal, was trying to unlock my wife's and her two colleagues's aura.

The unlock aura goal is that the masseur, will be able to see the flow of blood, and nerves that need to be massaged. Only my wife, who was also having five months pregnant, who successfully opened her aura. While two other colleagues did not succeed, for some reason, I did not know.

Salon owner finally decided my wife as the reflexology masseur. Having her new ability, my wife felt stress with so many strangenesses. The ability to see what other people cannot see.

She felt like, whatever she did, and wherever she went, someone or something followed her. My wife always prayed to God, so that The Lord will take back her ability. She did not want it. But, I told her ,It is the gift of God, cannot be taken back, unless The Lord calls you, or you are dead.

If you see demons, or anything else, do not be afraid! Pray for them! Because they only need to be prayed, so that all their sins will be forgiven, I added.

My wife was able to see a ghost of a Chinese woman, which cannot be seen by my wife before, was in the salon. The figure of ghost, which according to my wife, its face was similar to the salon owner. My wife was also able to see Devie, in our house.

The Second Birth of Devie

My mother had warned me, when I was going to name my first daughter. The same name as my late sister, Devie. I want to revive Devie. At least as a substitute for for your lost daughter, that was what I always told to my mother.

My mother finally melted, after several times I refused her request. When my first daughter was born, I named my first daughter, Devie. As a shorten from my wife's name, Denok, and mine, Verdi.

My Daughter's Sixth Sense

At first I did not realize, if my daughter had the same ability, just like my wife. I was always asked to my late sister, Devie, to always watch her baby nephew. Until one day, at the age of about two years, my daughter, the little Devie, waved her hand, in a direction, and said, Dah.. Dah.. Mbak!.

Mbak in Javanese language means elder sister. The waved of the little Devie apparently led to her aunt. I then told my daughter,She is not your elder sister, she is your aunt. Her name is Aunt Devie.

I then remembered the incident when my wife's aura was opened for the first time. At that time, my wife was at 5 months age of pregnancy. Is it possible that my daughter's aura was also opened?, the question that came out from my mind.

Toddlers, or children below five years of age, are usually sensitive to astral beings. I thought that perhaps, after my daughter above the age of five years, she would stop seeing astral beings.

But, what I thought was wrong. After my daughter aged six years old, she still had the ability of seeing things, that anybody could not see. My daughter possess a sixth sense, and my little Devie was no longer became my mother's grandchild, more like her own lost daugther.

I always told my daughter, Do not say anything to anyone else, what have you seen! Anyone else will call you a liar, because they cannot see, what you see. You could tell me about it!

Genie, or Human Spirit?

I once told my friend, let's called him Sugeng, about all my experiences above. According to Sugeng, who also has the ability to do a paranormal activity, what I saw was not my sister's spirit, but a genie.

What you had seen all these years, was a genie, and not your late sister. A dead people's spirit is not possible to meet with the living. That is according to my belief, Sugeng said.

Genie able to read your mind, and possesses the answer for all your question about anything., added Sugeng.

When we talk about a dead person, the person will be presented. What do think about it? Was it also a genie?, I asked Sugeng.

Yes. It is also a genie, answered Sugeng. How about a murder case which was solved by the police, with help from a paranormal, who had communicated with the dead victim? Was that also a genie?, asked me again. But, Sugeng did not answer my last question.

I did not know why Sugeng did not answer my last question. But, I totally disagree with him. All the experiences were so real to me.

The Second Farewell

It had been for 13 years ago, since the first time I met my late sister. Devie was always presented, whenever my parents talked about our family's memories. My daughter was also noticed her aunt, who was always presented.

But, not with my son. Since he was a toddler, he did not have the ability like her elder sister. He always confused when his sister mentioned about their aunt.

About six months ago, when I was working, my friend Ace came to me, and said, Did you notice that someone was following you?.

Did you mean a shoulder lenght hair woman?, asked me. Yes, it was a woman, answered Ace.

That is fine. She is my late sister, I added, and then, Ace left me alone.

At a conversation which more like a telepath, my late sister, Devie, was saying goodbye to me. She had already said goodbye to all my family, and I was the last person. She apologized to me, that she would not be able to visit me, or my family anymore.

That was a daylight bad news for me. Although it was hard for me, I did accept her apology. She did not even tell me the reason, why she left for the second time.

Back home, I told my family about what just happened. No signs of Devie was presented. A week later, I asked my daughter, Did you see your Aunt, these days?. No, I did not, my daughter answered.

My sister really had gone for the second time. I miss her so much.

In Loving Memory
Albertine Devie Oktria
(October 21, 1984 - April 4, 1986)

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