The Mythical City of Saranjana

October 07, 2013

Mt. Saranjana at Pulau Laut Island
Mt. Saranjana at Pulau Laut Island
Image is courtesy of Javier Adietia

Saranjana City has been known by the native people of Borneo Island, especially in Kotabaru District, South Kalimantan, as a mythical metropolis, lay in the astral world, at a small island of Pulau Laut, near Tamiang Bay. The people of Kotabaru are also called Saranjana's people as the Bunian, or the astral people.

Saranjana City is not even listed in the map of Kotabaru District, due to there are no real people living in the island. When someone tried to find the island, they would not find the island, without permission from the village paranormal elders of Tamiang Bay.

Based on an expedition story by Adi Murdani, there was a cellular phone signal near the island, in which he can use it to make an internet connection. Although, when he was at Tamiang Bay until Cape Lalak, in which are a crowded civilization, he could not find any signal for his phone.

The Urban Legend

In Sansekerta, or Sanskrit language, Saranjana derived from the word of sarang (nest), and jana (human). So, Saranjana means human's nest. The people of Kotabaru are not so happy when someone, especially a foreigner, ask a story about the Bunian people of Saranjana City. They will distract the conversation to other subject. Below are some folk tales about the urban legend:

Story from a man who was in a ferry which sailed to the Port of Batu Licin. He saw that there were many people in the ferry. But, there was a sudden silence, when the ferry was near at the dock. He saw only few people left in the ferry. Other passenger said that, those crowded people were probably from Saranjana City.

An old lady living in Lontar, West Pulau Laut, once told that in some night, she heard a convoy of cars were passing by, in front of her house. But, when she went outside, she could not find any vehicles. She believed that what she had heard, was probably the people of Saranjana City, who were passing by on their way home.

A former chief of a village, in Tamiang Bay, told a story about his grandfather, who had gone for a long time, and was being taken by the people of Saranjana City, to become an ustad for a Mosque, in Saranjana City. Until now, all his descendants did not dare to go to Saranjana.

A fisherman who lived in the eastern part of Tamiang Bay, had lost his grandmother at the sea. According to a paranormal expert, his grandmother is still living until now in Saranjana City.

The people of Kotabaru notice that the physical characteristics of the people from Saranjana City, are just like humans in general, pretty, or handsome. The only difference is that, they do not have a concavity, or a line under the nose.

In the SAMSAT (vehicle registration office) of Kotabaru City, lots of new car registrations were never be taken by the owners. All cars were also never to be found passing in the street of Kotabaru City.

Several stories from some local motorcycles, or cars dealers. The dealers, which had the orders in cash, were confused, when they were told to leave the vehicles in some place, and not in detail address.

In the 80's, the local government office of Kotabaru District received guests from Jakarta, who wanted to deliver heavy equipment orders, in which had been fully paid. The orders were from Saranjana - Kotabaru, and there was no detail delivery address. Even so, the local government of Kotabaru was never ordered any heavy equipment.

Another story about rattan which were sent from Saranjana to Surabaya, East Java. Dozens of luxury cars, which were ordered from Java Island with the delivery address to Saranjana - Kotabaru.

In 2005, Ada Band, a famous group band from Jakarta, was performed a music concert, in a stadium, in Kotabaru. From 8,000 tickets that were sold, the event organizer counted, that there were more than 14,000 people, who were watching the concert.

Another weird thing, that was also noticed by all members of Ada Band. By the end of the concert, all 14,000 people were so quickly in leaving the stadium, with only using one exit gate open.

In January 1st, 2007, a Boeing 737-400 of Adam Air Flight 574, disappeared near Polewali in Sulawesi, and crashed in the ocean of Makassar Strait. All 102 people on board died. The plane's black box was located at a depth of 2,000 m (6,000 ft), and to be picked up eight months later.

According to Kotabaru paranormal elders, they believed that all 102 people on board, were saved, and brought to Saranjana City. Various rituals were performed by the elders to return the missing plane, along with the safety passengers, but all their efforts were in vain.

Do You Have a Sixth Sense?

I do. A week ago, I knew the story about Saranjana City from my friend, Xakti, who I had already mentioned him, in my previous post. I then started to Google all articles about Saranjana. There were few articles about it. Xakti is also had a sixth sense through his eyes, and his interest about Saranjana seems to influence me.

If you had a sixth sense, try to look deeply into below image!

Small cave in Saranjana at Pulau Laut Island
Small cave in Saranjana at Pulau Laut Island
Image is courtesy of BornEo WalkEr

Tell me! What do you see in your vision?

According to BornEo WalkEr and his friend Javier Adietia, there are several caves, just like the one above at Pulau Laut Island. One thing that curious me, is that, a cave in the image above, is the entrance to the Saranjana City. That is according to my vision.

Believe it, or not is up to you. Because my friend Xakti, and my other friend, let's called him Ace, also told me the same thing.

At the beginning of my vision, I found Seven people wearing a black long suit with hood, which covered their head, guarded at the entrance. All them were carrying a golden spear. They were surrounded by several Banaspati (a flame head ghost) that were flying around them.


Receiving the permission from the Seven Guardian to enter the cave, I met with the Queen of Saranjana, who stopped me to enter the cave. Her face reminds me to an Indonesian artist, Kimberly Ryder.

Kimberly Ryder at Wikimedia
Kimberly Ryder

I am not joking!! At least three people, not including me, who confirmed my statement above. The first was Ace who saw me with Kanjeng Ratu (Your Highness), that is what I called her, I do not dare to ask for her name. Xakti was the second person. The last person was my wife, who also had a sixth sense through her vision, just like both my friends.

I only asked two question to Kanjeng Ratu Saranjana. First, about her relationship with Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, or Nyi Rara Kidul. Kanjeng Ratu Saranjana said that, she did not have any relationship.

Then, I asked about the plane crash of Adam Air Flight 574. Kanjeng Ratu Saranjana said that all 102 people, including my cousin's mother-in-law, who was on board with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren, were now living in Saranjana City.

More Images of Saranjana at Pulau Laut Island, Courtesy of BornEo WalkEr

Saranjana Fishermen
Two Saranjana's fishermen at the distance, who introduced themself to BornEo WalkEr, and Javier Adietia, as Ucung and Yudi

The Cliff of Mt. Saranjana
The Cliff of Mt. Saranjana

At The Top of Mt. Saranjana
At The Top of Mt. Saranjana

My Astral Journey

So, did I finally manage to enter the cave? Yes I did. I had experienced an astral journey to Saranjana City, and was accompanied by Kanjeng Ratu Saranjana. For me, it was like in a wonderland. There is a castle at the center of the city, like in my daugther's Barbie cartoon movie.

I also felt like in an ancient Greek. There is a hall similar to a Greek temple, with huge pillars, which was made from white gold. The Lost City of Atlantis was the words that came out of my mind.

When Kanjeng Ratu asked me to stay, that was when my wife called my name, and I was back to my consciousness.

I did an astral journey, last friday, at 8 pm while sitting in my livingroom, and watching TV. In saturday evening, I only told to my wife about my meeting with Kanjeng Ratu, who has a face similar to Kimberly Ryder.

When I felt that Kanjeng Ratu was beside me, I said to my wife, Look, who is standing beside me?

She is so tall and gorgeous. She is wearing a gold crown, black dress with gold adornment. And, yes, she also reminds me to Kimberly Ryder, said my wife jealousy.

I love my family, and I said no to Kanjeng Ratu, when she asked me again to go with her to Saranjana City.

Such an amazing astral journey for me.

Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed

John 20:29


  1. wah sya blm prnh scr fisik k sna. biasax scr astral aj. rsax di daerah pulau sembilan sring ada acara, sring ada bunyi gamelan klo mnrt sya sih

    1. Thanks buat komentarnya. Jika kamu pernah ke Saranjana secara astral, pasti pernah juga ketemu dengan Kanjeng Ratu Saranjana, yang berwajah mirip Kimberly Ryder.

    2. Saya adalah penduduk asli Lontar, apakah yg kalian lihat dalam perjalanan astral itu adalah gambaran nyata? karena setahu kami Saranjana itu adalah kota besar yang sangat maju dan punya pelabuhan besar, penduduknya sangat makmur punya mobil mewah spt mercy & BMW.
      Menurut kalian penduduk Saranjana itu bangsa jin atau bukan? karena kalau mereka datang ke dunia kita misalnya untuk berbelanja wujud mereka adalah manusia layaknya spt kita dan uang yg mereka belanjakan juga uang asli tidak berubah menjadi daun.

    3. Seseorang yang melakukan proyeksi astral akan menganggap perjalanannya sebagai sesuatu hal yang nyata, meskipun orang lain tidak akan percaya pada segala cerita tentang proyeksi astral.

      ..setahu kami Saranjana itu adalah kota besar yang sangat maju dan punya pelabuhan besar, penduduknya sangat makmur..

      Pada kenyataannya, Kota Saranjana sama sekali tidak tercantum pada peta Kabupaten Kotabaru, tetapi saya pribadi percaya pada pernyataan Anda.

      ..penduduk Saranjana itu bangsa jin atau bukan?

      Mereka termasuk bangsa jin atau bisa disebut sebagai mahluk astral. Mereka dapat memperlihatkan wujud asli mereka, hanya jika mereka menginginkannnya.

      ..uang yg mereka belanjakan juga uang asli tidak berubah menjadi daun.

      Pada suatu forum, seorang penulis mengaku telah diangkat sebagai anak angkat bangsawan Saranjana. Dia juga mengupload foto pakaian bayi, yang didapatkannya dari sang bangsawan sewaktu masih bayi, sebuah setelan pakaian yang memancarkan energi tanpa batas, ruang dan waktu.

      Penulis tsb. menyebutkan tentang Kartu Debit bertuliskan Bank Central Saranjana, yang dananya dapat ditarik di seluruh ATM di mana saja.

      Hal lain yang tidak tertulis di postingan ini, adalah kenyataan bahwa salah seorang rekan kerja saya, merupakan keturunan bangsawan Saranjana. Dari seorang wanita Saranjana, yang telah dinikahi oleh kakek buyut 10 generasi diatasnya.

      Rekan kerja saya ini, yang tanpa disadarinya, memiliki kemampuan supranatural, hingga tubuhnya bagaikan magnet bagi berbagai benda mistik, seperti batu permata, keris, tombak, selendang, dsb.

      Saya pun sebagai orang Jawa, mengakui bahwa kemampuan supranatural penduduk asli Kalimantan, melebihi kemampuan orang-orang sakti dari Tanah Jawa.

  2. Apa yang anda lihat semua dsana hanyalah tipuan bangsa jin saja.sebenar nya dsana perkotaan yg tersembunyi dan yg dianggap ratu itu bukan ratu nya.cuma pelayan biasa aja


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