When Your Best Friend Stabbed You From Behind

September 13, 2012

The Bully

Everyone must have experienced of being hurt by someone else, whether it's by the bully, a stranger, or even by a person that you've known as your best friend. Bullying during the school year are always considered as normal cases by some teachers. As if bullying is a natural habit for children's development.

But the fact is that, it can be bad for the growth and development of a child to socialize in the future. The child will become an introvert person, always feel sad and didn't have many friends.

The High School Bully

Unlike me during school, I was considered as a silent figure at the school. Because of my talk-less nature, I gained respect by all of my friends.

During school, I always made friends with children who can be categorized as bad boys at school. Their gang were respected by all students. I always managed to get close with the leader. But my friendship with them was only at school time. I had never been involved in any mischief that they had done outside school time.

The gang was never posted bully to their schoolmates, but to other students from other schools. And because I was known having close relationship with those who my friends referred to as school gangster, so I gained respected by my classmates, and not becoming their bully victims.

At my last years of High School, every boys in my classroom who celebrated their birthday were always became my other classmates's bully victims by throwing them to the Kalimas River, behind my school, after their hair were washed with eggs and flour. I felt sadly to see them, and not hesitated of being part of their acts. Thank God, because I can't swim.

Competition at The Work Place

On my work place, what occured were not bullies anymore, it was different. Another employees elbowed to each other. The intention was to get more attention from the boss, in other words, licked the boss using various ways. Even for some, had done a very wicked way by doing a slander to destroy another employees's reputations.

Making errors to other employees's jobs, and reported the boss, to attract his attention, so that other employees were looked clumpsy. They also were using using black magic stuffs from paranormals.

The Black Magic Stab

Black magic spells, magical creatures, and dirt from graveyard were brought by them to be planted on the work place, to maintain their presence and to make other employees, including the boss, knelt down to all his words.

I was often being hit by their magic creatures that they sent from their Black Paranormals, but because my body was able to neutralize the attacks, it became meaningless, and did not have any impact on me.

Eventhough, once when I got hit on my back by one of my friend's magic creature, the wound stayed on my right back for a week, until my uncle released the creature which lied on my back. My wife saw a black shadow, which appeared like a black smoke, came out from a hole on my back. I also felt it flew out from my back, after my uncle massaged my right hand by standing.

What I've been feared most was if the attacks turned its directions, and attacked other members of my family, my wife and children.

But... What happened last Sunday was the one that I feared of.

Came home from my niece's birthday party, in Surabaya. That afternoon, shortly after entering the house, my wife felt a stomach cramp. Although in the morning before we leaved the house, my wife had already felt nausea in her stomach.

I thought that what happened in the afternoon was just a normal nausea. But 2 hour after taking medication for stomach-ache, my wife still felt a cramp in her stomach. I was suspicious and felt a strange energy laid in my wife's stomach.

From that moment, I knew that my wife was hit by black magic spell, by my very best friend, let say his name is Natas. Natas's attack, in which was done by his Black Paranormals fellow, was supposed to hit me, but it deflected into my wife.

How did I know if the attack was coming from Natas? Picture of Natas's face appeared behind the black shadow which hit my wife, when I concentrated on removing the energy, something that I never did before (ejecting the object).

After many trial of praying by putting my palm on my wife's stomach, and casting spell, using help by the name of God, I always failed to remove the object. Somehow.. My knowledges on dealing with this kind of stuff (paranormal activity) was so shallow.

The Natural Way

Then I remembered my uncle, who once I described him as an amazing man on my previous post titled No Pain No Gain. My uncle was known as Paranormal for those who needs his helps on alternative medication for cancer, diabetes and, anything else.

I talked with him by phone, and told him about the situation. He listened to me, and only answered, Use onion and salt, combine it with massage oil. Then apply it to your wife's stomach and back,. That's what he said. Thanks, Uncle!, I said, then he hung up the phone.

I straight went to the kitchen, took a piece of onion on a small plate, and crushed it. Then added with some salts. Because my wife was run out of her olive oil, I then used my children's minyak kayu putih, or cajuput oil. Rubbed the mixed onion to my wife's stomach and back.

3 minutes later, my wife who laid on the bed, suddenly got off the bed, and went to the bathroom. I felt the energy was ejected from my wife's body while she was in the bathroom. I checked again the energy, after she came back from the bathroom, and laid again on the bed, the energy had already vanished.

I asked her what she was feeling now, she said that she still felt hurt. She then asked me to boil some water, and put it on the glass bottle, so that she can use it to warm her stomach. 30 minutes later, she woke up from bed, and went for a bath at 7 pm. I counted the time of 3 hours, that my wife was suffering from the pain, started from 4 pm after we arrived home.

The Ending of 10 Years Friendship

What Natas did on me and my family was a cruel thing. Natas was my very close friend at work, and I never did anything that hurt him. Although, I knew that he once ever slandered behind me to my former boss, I had forgiven him already. But now, what he had done was unforgiven, and will never be forgotten. Our friendship is finished.

The next day, I found that my others friend were also being attacked by Natas's paranormal's black magic. One of them, called him Xakti, was being hit on his entire family. Xakti's wife, his a year old baby, and Xakti himself. Because Xakti was tough and more powerful than me (on paranormal activity), he managed to heal himself and his whole family. Xakti was the one whose going to take avenged on Natas, because he had the power to do so, while I don't.

I only cast a spell of pray on Natas, May the Lord have mercy on your soul, and grant you an eternal life in this World, not in Heaven.

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