No Pain No Gain

December 19, 2011

No Pain No Gain

Animism is the belief of the past before humans know religion. Even today, some people still believe it. Did you ever wonder if an inanimate object can talk?

I've been involved in one of the MLM based in Malaysia. Because of busy work, that side job I left off. First time I was drawn into MLM, was not due to the product (health products). But what was emitted from the product. My sixth sense captured that an energy was blanketed the product. My wife's sixth sense was also felt the same. What happens then we both joined the MLM.

Another strange was when I demo at my uncle's house. My uncle was an expert on alternative medicine. He uses techniques of reflexology combines with his own made herbs.

I carried 3 products as the demo examples. Before I explained to my uncle what were these products? Origins? Benefits and so forth. It was my uncle then became the one who explained in details about the products I carried. I'm surprised.

How my uncle could knew details about my products? He just said, 'It was your products that said to me'. I'm surprised. This is no kidding. My uncle turned out to be a Paranormal who has supernatural powers, I assumed.

I guess not all Paranormal can talk to inanimate objects. They can only communicate with the dead & the genie. He then also said, ' Your product is good. If all people believe in your health product, then all drugs will not be sold on the drugstore '. ' But for me, my own homemade herb is enough '.

My uncle also gave me advices, the most important thing is to believe. If we went to Doctor but do not believe, will you take the medicine that has been prescribed? Another important thing is, that there is no diseases that resolved spontaneously after we take medication.

A simple example is, when Our feet are sore from the fall, and was given medication antiseptic such as iodine / penicillin. How does the pain feel like? Does it feel no pain? The conclusion is we must feel the pain twice before we make a full recovery. No pain no gain that's the fact.

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