The Legend of Aji Saka

December 17, 2011

In the Island of Majeti life of a handsome knight named Aji Saka. Aji Saka has a powerful magic power, handsome and also knowledgeable. He has two servant, Dora and Sembada. Both servant was very loyal to Aji Saka, They had never been to ignore His orders.

One day, Aji Saka left Majeti Island to have a journey. His departure was accompanied by Dora, while Sembada stayed, and ordered to keep the heirloom (Keris). Aji Saka told Sembada that heirloom should not be handed to anyone except to Aji Saka himself.

In the land of Java, there was a famous, prosperous, orderly, safe and peaceful country, which was named Medhang Kamulan. The King was named Dewata Cengkar, a noble and wise King. One day, the royal Chef have an accident. He accidently cut his finger. He did not realize that the pieces of his fingers plunged into a dish that will be presented to the King.

The King seemed very good to eat the meat, so He sent the Duke to ask the Chef. After knowing that he had eaten the flesh of Chef's finger, the King then ordered the Duke to deliver His people to be the King's meal every day.

Since then King Dewata Cengkar turned into a cruel King. Medhang Kamulan becomed haunted and lonely, because of the people one by one eaten by the King, the rest fleeing for their life. The Duke was confused thinking about the situation, because there was no more people who could be delivered to His King. At that moment Aji Saka and Dora, arrived in Medhang Kamulan.

Aji Saka amazed to see quiet and creepy state, so He then tried to find out the cause. After received information from the Duke about what was happening in Medhang Kamulan, then He volunteered to become King Dewata Cengkar's meal.

The King could not understand, why Aji Saka was willing to give up his life for him. Aji Saka said to the King that he was willing to be sacrifice for the King's meal, if the King rewarded Him with a land area as wide as Aji Saka headband that He was wearing.

But, the King himself should be the one who measured the land that will be awarded. The King agreed to Aji Saka's request. Aji Saka then asked the King to pull His headband. Miraculously, the headband seemed endless.

Dewata Cengkar forced to retreat further and further back, so that He finally arrived on the edge of The Southern Ocean. Headband was then flicked by Aji Saka, that catapulted the King fell into the sea. Instantly, Dewata Cengkar form turned into a White Crocodile.

Aji Saka later became King in Medhang Kamulan. After being crowned as King of Medhang Kamulan, Aji Saka sent Dora to go back to Majeti Island to take His heirloom that is guarded by Sembada.

Arrived at Majeti Island, Dora met Sembada and explained that he was ordered by Aji Saka to take His heirloom.

Sembada did't want to give the heirloom because he was holding Aji Saka command, that the heirloom should not be handed to anyone except to Aji Saka himself. In the other hand, Dora which also carried out Ajisaka command to deliver the heirloom.

Eventually both of them were fought. They were equally powerful. Attacked and be attacked each other.

Until finally they both died.

News about the death of Dora and Sembada was heard by Aji Saka. He was very sad to hear. He remembered the loyalty of both His servant. It was His command that made both of them were fought until death. His grief led him to create a script to capture the memories of them to honour their loyalty.

Source : Web Archive. Image from Wikimedia.

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