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February 18, 2012

Misery, everyone must have felt, at least once in a lifetime. I wrote this post after listening to the song from Soul Asylum - Misery. By being such thing, often made someone so desperated to keep on continuing to do anything. Have no desire on anything. Life's so boring.

Actually, it was you, the one who made your own misery. Broken heart? Does it make your life misery? No, it was not. You are the one who thinks your life would be miserable after being dump by your lover. Life is not that short. You should remember this.

A drop of mother's tear is worth than a cup of lover's tear

Does your mother cry to see you were being dump by your ex? Then why should you cry? Does your mother feel sad to see you sad? Well. She must have been. But enough is enough, sad for today is only for today. There are many beautiful lifes await you for tomorrow.

I read about the news lately, there was a couple of boy and girl who celebrated Valentine moment, ended with a suicide done by the boy. The boy's friend had already noticed that he was going to kill himself and his girlfriend on the Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a death day, said the boy to his friend, on the day before he found hang himself on the wood, next to his girlfriend body lying on the ground, with severe injuries found on her neck.

Desperate people really have no standpoint! As said by Soul Asylum on the song lyric, ..we created the cure, we made the disease.. So, it was you who can cure yourself, not your mom or even your shrink. Talk to someone would be better. It will reduced the heavy burdent that you are carrying.

Make yourself busier is another way to help you forget your misery. But before doing that, you must forgive yourself! You cannot forget anything without forgiving yourself. No matter if you are right or wrong, the very first thing to do is to forgive yourself.

Have a nice weekend!!

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