Notice on The Silent Alarm Around You

February 02, 2012

Do not ever underestimate, if your close friend, brother, sister, or your relatives says, " I just want to die ". Sometimes, we are less concerned about our society, if there's someone who says so, infact most people even criticize, " You must not talk like that. As if You don't believe in God ". Until suddenly, one day people found his/her body hanging.

Just like this famous Korean artist, Jang Ja-yeon.
Jang Ja-yeon
Her death became hot news around the world since 2009. A suicide note left by Jang Ja-yeon, describes how she was beaten and forced, to entertain and have sex, with several program directors, CEOs, and media executives. Jang Ja-yeon had been suffering from clinical depression, and had received medical treatment for her illness, during the past year. That note describes her main source of clinical depression.

Jang Ja-yeon was found hanged at her home on March 7, 2009. She had already complained to her sister about the " overwhelming stress " she was having. She said, " to die ", to her sister by phone at the night she hang herself. Jang Ja-yeon's sister found her body hanging from the stairway banister. A police investigation concluded that her death was a suicide.

Many people commit suicide are consider a form of an experienced from their clinical severe depression. All their speech is not a joke, and it's a " Silent Alarm " to cry for help. All your advice is not what they need. By assisting, and hearing their complains, that are forms of help that they are needed. Do not even criticize or blame everything they had done. It will only be assured them, that if no one wants to understand them.

God has gave us two ears and one mouth for us, to listen more than talk. So listen to them! If someone suffers from clinical depression, their mindset will be distorted. All your words would meaningless to them.

The death rate from suicide more and more in this world. It also encourages the WHO to create a campaign to raise public awareness for prevention. Suicidal ideation is an important issue of medical-psychiatric. There's so much life to live, care for each other!

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