Quality of Communication: Key to Lasting Marriage

February 16, 2012

A few years after getting married, some couples would have found their romance was not like at the first time they both met. Both of them were no longer felt their past romances, no more passion.

The waning romance could be increasingly congested due to your busyness partner. You could feel very lonely in your marriage. Especially if you already had children, the time for being together with your partner would be very valuable moment.

But, by the time you were being together, it often that you would spend it on a fight. A trivial matter that being discussed led to a huge uproar.

" It can be overcome by the quality of your communication, " said Ratih Ibrahim, a psychologist. "Communication can work well, if love and trust of each other is good. If not, you will get lots of misunderstanding. What you're talking about will get different interpretations," explains Ratih to wolipop.

Based on her experience as a psychologist, Ratih frequently discuss marital issues, and with her own 22 years of wedding, for her, trust is to be one of the key to lasting marriage. " If you have enough trust on your partner, every little things that your partner had done would be forgiven. Nobody's perfect, including yourself, " she said.

Always be positive thinking about your partner. By opening your mind and not always feel suspicion or get easily emotion to your partner, you will always feel with full of positive energy, and then the limited time to meet each other would be qualified. You would feel no longer, a loneliness in your marriage.

When you choose to love and trust your partner, it means that you also must accept all the consequences. True loves for me, means loving your partner due to her/his negativities or un-perfections. If you are willing to accept all of your partner un-perfections, means that you're trully love your partner.

" The Perfect Marriage is not Expecting Perfection "

Nobody's Perfect!!

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  1. Nice choice of topic! Thanks for sharing this one.


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