When Motion Creates Emotion

October 24, 2012

Primary emotions painting by Christina Boyt

Primary emotions painting by Christina Boyt

Do you often feel bore? Was your daily activity boring you?

I felt the same way if you say yes for all questions above. And I guess everybody do have at least one boring day in their lifes.

So, how did you manage those boring days?

I assume you will start to make a new activity, or at least, you make your body moves, whether stand up or take a walk. You just make a motion to react with your boring activity.

Now, try this! Go outside! Stand up and look up to the sky! Give your best smile, a wide smile up to the sky! Then, imagine the greatest misery or sorrow you've ever had! Can you do it? Can you managed to bring back that bad memory? Why you cannot do it?

It all because our body did not support to creates that kind of emotion.

So, what is emotion?

I have already described this on my previous post. In Latin, emotion originally meant an inner turbulence, as in a storm cloud, which discharged its forces outward.

Can we control our emotion?

Since we are mentally healthy, we should manage to control our emotion. A simple change of our body's movement, a motion, believe or not, is managed to create another emotion. It depends on what kind of emotion do we exactly want.

An actor was one of best example, about person who managed to control emotion. But, I am not an actor.

Who said that everyone cannot be an actor?

Have you ever been felt angry, happy, or sad? If you have not been felt any of those emotions, you cannot be an actor. Because, even for a crazy person, is also having those kinds of emotions, in which can change every seconds.

Another example that I had described in my previous post titled, Frustrated Inc., it was you the one that makes yourself felt bore, or having any kind of emotions. So, you must not blame on anyone, or anything about the conditions you are having.

The way to forget about the conditions (emotions) you are having, is by starting new activities (motions). Some would call this as breaking the pattern, to make a new one.

Have you ever watched TV shows such as, Candid Camera, Just for Laugh, or any TV programs which intended to make a fool on someone caught on tape?

For example, a man who was being fooled, would be very angry at the moment, but when he was being told that he was on Candid Camera, he suddenly laugh.

How could that be happened?

At a moment the man felt very angry, but when he saw a camera, he suddenly laughed because he knew he was on a famous TV show.

Can you notice the motion that changes the man emotion?

It is when the man was pointed his eyes to the camera, after listening what the TV crew had said to him. A very simple motion that creates emotion.

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