December 27, 2012

The Pain Killer Weeds

My uncle who is known as an expert in alternative medication, was once used nutgrass to make his own herbs, which combined with his treatment of massaging.

Nutgrass, image from Wikimedia

Nutgrass, or in Latin, Cyperus rotundus Linn, is considered a pest plant, which also known as the world's worst weed. Even though it had already known as the major sources of weeds, but it had been used as folk medicine since many years ago.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses nutgrass, especially its root or rhizome as the primary herb component. Indian ayurvedic medicine uses the plant for treating fevers, and digestive system disorders.

Modern alternative medicine uses nutgrass to treat nausea, fever and inflammation. As for pain reduction and muscle relaxation, is based on the study about the oil derives from its fresh rhizome, had shown good analgesic (pain killer) effect.

Natural Pain Killer

To make nutgrass as your own home made herb, follow the steps!

Take fresh rhizome, clean it up using water. Slice it using a knife, but not too thin. So that the essential oil, which has the main benefit, is not boiled over.

Dry it up in an open place but avoid direct sunlight. Just place it your kitchen table, and stay it away from the sunlight.

After well dried, crush it up to make it powder. As your own home made herb, the last one you need is a glass of hot boiled water. Just like if you want to make a tea.

Leave it for awhile until it warm, and ready to drink without its residue.


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