Dayak Punan Merah Healing Technique

January 15, 2014

Portrait of a Dayak Punan group at the river, Borneo
Portrait of a Dayak Punan group at the river, Borneo
Image is courtesy of Tropenmuseum

Multi Ethnics Dayak

Dayak or dyak, are the native people of Borneo Island, spreading in three countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. There are many different tribes, or ethnics of dayak, which unrelated to one another, having different languages, and different ways of living.

The main tribes of dayak include, Iban, Ngaju, Bahau, Murut, Kenyah, Kayan and Punan. From those main tribes, they are divided into more than 400 sub tribes. According to the origin of Punan tribe, or commonly known as Punan Bah people, they were descendants of Bua, an etun oa, a supernatural being, who was gifted with special powers. (Ida Nicolaisen, 1976)

Mystical Tribe of Dayak Punan Merah

In this post, I only describe about Dayak Punan Merah, the mystical tribe, who lived in the deep jungle, and isolated from the island. Punan Merah people, are noticed by the red (merah) colour of their feet. They do not even try to civilize, unlike the other tribes, who had already worn clothes. Punan Merah people are known as the guardian of the jungle of Kalimantan, Indonesia.

There are few informations about this mystical tribe in the internet. Its existency is beyond the unknown. Some people of Kalimantan were even never heard about Punan Merah tribe. While other people believed that, the people of Punan Merah tribe possess supranatural powers. Perhaps, it was because their primitive animism beliefs, and their choice of life to isolate themself from others.

Nowadays, the ancient Dayak tradition of Kayau (headhunting) is still performing by several tribes, including Punan Merah tribe. The last seen Kayau tradition was in Sampit Tragedy, a racism chaos between Dayak and Maduranese. Back then, the most famous inland Dayak was known by the name of Panglima Burung (Bird Commander)

Inland Dayak came from mountain and jungle, carried their famous weapon of Mandau Terbang (Flying Mandau). Mandau Terbang could not be seen, when it was used to cut its head target, and vanished along with the head target. Even though the target was between a crowded people, Mandau Terbang never missed its head target.

Punan Merah Chief's Son in Law

The first time I knew about this Punan Merah tribe, was from my new uncle. Why I say new? Because his sister was just married to my grandmother's youngest brother, who was widowed since 2007. I just knew my uncle last week, when her sister introduced him to my family as a paranormal expert.

When you need a cure for any kind of diseases, just ask him! He will be willing to help without any cost., said her sister.

Further more, when I asked my uncle about the reason, why he did not charge for any of his alternative treatments. It was because, what his master had told him. He could only accept any offers, if they were from someone else. Not from the patient himself.

Who was your master?, I said. It was my father in law, a chief of Punan Merah tribe., he answered. I did not even understand to what he just said to me. But later, I learned more from him, that Punan Merah is a Dayak tribe, who was known by the red colour of their feet.

My uncle usually cured diseases due to a black magic spell. Few days before I met him, he said that he just took out a piece of a broken glass, from a man's stomach.

What kind of medications, or herbs did you use?, I said. I'm not using any herbs. I cured using a spirit language. The only herb I used, was when I spat on their faces. You what?, I said to myself in my heart. That is unbelieveable form of alternative medications.

How about when you met with a cancer patient? What media did you use to remove the cancer? Did you use a goat, a chicken, or just throw the cancer into the Earth?, I asked my uncle. For heavy diseases such as cancers, I use an eating egg as a media. Not for an egg that was resulted from chickens mated. It is forbidden to use any living things, or even throw it into the Earth.

My uncle was born in Lumajang, East Java. He worked as an outsource conservationist, for Indonesian Ministry of Public Works. Since birth, he had already gained his sixth sense. He first met his father in law, the Chief of Punan Merah, was in an astral world, after his first Javanese wife past away. The chief asked my uncle to visit him, in the deep jungle of Kalimantan.

My uncle was then married to two daughters of the Chief, and was taught more about supranatural powers of Punan Merah tribe. His wives are now settled in Samarinda and Pontianak. Even though my uncle is a Catholic in belief, but he also had the knowledge of Quran, just like a moslem did, due to his first wife is a moslem.

According to my uncle, for the native Dayak women, to be married to a Javanese man, is considered a noble honour. The religion of Punan Merah people are animism. They are living primitively, and not wearing any clothes. They live by farming, and fishing on the river, where there are many huge fishes, more than enough to feed a man alone.

That is why, the rule of the tribe, is forbid a man to catch fishes, more than the numbers of his whole family members. If he broke the rule, than he must pay a fine to the tribe. Moreover, my uncle said that, Punan Merah tribe is now still at war with seven other Dayak tribes.

Even for a crocodile which bit a man's foot, can be called up from the river, to take responsibility of its action., said my uncle.

Metal Wires Grow in a Woman Stomach

Noorsyaida with metal wires grow in her stomach
Noorsyaida with metal wires grow in her stomach
Image is courtesy of Suyanto/Surya

In 2008, the news about Noorsyaida, a 40 years old kindergarten teacher in Samarinda, who was suffered of having metal wires grow in her stomach, became famous. Not just in newspapers, local TV news, and even in the internet.

Many people claimed that Noorsyaida was having a disease from a black magic spell. But, a few sceptics also claimed that it was just a hoax. Several doctors also tried to conduct a surgery, to remove several 10 to 20 cm wires, from her stomach. But, shortly after the wires were being removed, they will grow by themselves.

X-Ray image of Noorsyaida's stomach
X-Ray image of Noorsyaida's stomach

According to Noorsyaida, the pain of having metal wires grow in her stomach, was started in 1991. Without any signs, metal wires suddenly grow in her stomach.

Back then, every week the wires suddenly dropped by themselves and vanished. About a month later, the wires will grow again. And now, it has been more than six months, but, there are no wires in my stomach, which dropped, or vanished. It is so painfully., said Noorsyaida to a reporter from Tribun Kaltim, in her house, in July 2008.

What Was The Connection of Noorsyaida's Strange Disease With Punan Merah Tribe?

It was my new uncle who said to me, Do you remember about a woman who suffered the pain of having metal wires grow in her stomach., my uncle asked me.

Yes, but it was long time ago. I think that the woman may have been suffered from a black magic spell., I answered. Yes, indeed. The paranormal who cast the black magic spell on her was already dead. That's why, no one could able to cure her. She was cured by my father in law, the Chief of Punan Merah tribe., my uncle replied.

How could she managed to find your father in law?, I asked. She never gave up to find a way to get a cure., my uncle answered.

My uncle did not mention any date, or year, when Noorsyaida was being cured. I then searched further in the internet about this. I only found the 2008 news, and some recent news that was just a copy paste article from the past 2008 news.

My Astral Meeting With The Chief of Punan Merah

I am so curious with my uncle's father in law, what is he looks like? That question suddenly came out of my mind. While I was chatting with my uncle, I was doing an astral projection to the deep jungle of Kalimantan to find my uncle's father in law, the Chief of Punan Merah.

Your father in law seems to be younger than you. I think his age is about 45 years old. His hair is still black, and unlike yours., I said. Yes, he is younger than me physically, but his age is 84 years old., my uncle answered. That is amazing., I replied.

Moreover, in my astral meeting with the Chief of Punan Merah, I was given by the Chief some kind of energy, which laid in my heart, a warm energy. I was blessed by the Chief, when he put his hand in my astral head, at the time I was chatting with him.

Somehow, although the Chief was talking to me using a different language, I could understand everything he said. Infact, when we were doing an astral projection, we could talk telepathicaly using any languages, a form of spirit language.

Moreover, this alternative healing technique of medications, using a spirit language may have benefical to get more informations from the patient's soul, or spirit, about his physical diseases. Afterall, mental health is more important than physic health.

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  1. I would want to seek treatment from the Punan Merah tribe.
    pls advice how to reach his house.His location. Is it in Kalimantan or Sabah.


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