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September 04, 2013

The History

It has been a long time since my last post about internet, traffic, and backlink. In this post, I will share to you how I learn to be a webmaster with this blog. Back in 2011, this blog was made without using any PC. I laughed at myself when I read a comment that said Wow, I love this blog, amazing, and I did not publish the comment.

How then? I only used my 2009 Nokia E63, and a free internet handler from opera. But, since the new blogger interface, I cannot publish my post using operamini anymore. Due to, operamini blocked javascript from the new blogger interface. Why I choose blogger? I chose blogger, because for me, it was easier than wordpress.

How can I write my post then? I just wrote my post as usual, using Quickoffice from my Nokia E63, and saved the post in my gmail unsent draft. Went to nearest internet rental kiosk, and published the post with a PC. Having an IT background, I found no problem on HTML, but I learnt a lot from W3school.

Last Easter, I had donated IDR 250,000 ($25), the first income that I received from this blog, to a Catholic orphanage. I hope I can do it again every Easter. I had proved to myself that make money online is really not a myth.

What is V for Value?

My name is Verdi, and I hope that my blog posts could give value to visitors who read my post. So, V is not just stand for Verdi, but also for Value. But, back in 2011, this blog title was first named as DV Store | Online Store. In early 2012, I changed the name to V for Value to provide more informations with wide niche, such as, health, life, alternate medicine, healthy life, health tips, therapy, cancer, diabetes, diarrhea, diet, internet, traffic, backlink, history, mental health, and motivation.

I had deleted over a hundred of my posts, in which most of them contained about products that I sold using my affiliate links, from several advertising companies. I started with only about 50 posts of my original post, when I first build V for Value, in early 2012. Amazingly, in June 2012, my blog's Google pagerank (PR) was raised to PR5.

Here what I can share to you, when you start to make your own blog. I hope you can learn from my personal experience about the SEO tricks.

The On/Off Page SEO

Having many backlinks will make a site for visible to the search engines. A link aging is also important. Your outbond links from high PR sites, that have been already indexed by the search engines, will make your site more visible. This is called off page SEO. Off page factors include, PR and outbond links.

But, you should keep in mind, that by having a high PR site, is unlikely you will have high traffic. Having a high PR will make your site more visible in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), although it is also unlikely either. A PR3 site might also on #1 SERPs, but the PR5 site on #2. It all because the search engine algorithms.

One thing that I had learnt as webmaster, your inbond links (anchor links) to any pages, or articles within your sites, and not just to your home page, will tell the search engines to crawl the page, or the article, as a relevance source. This is called on page SEO. Moreover, the on page factors include:

  • Keyword Frequency
    Keyword frequency inside your contents are the one that makes your content is the king. But, by repeating keywords in each paragraph will annoy the readers. The best site that I knew using the right keyword frequency in its contents, but still ranks high in SERPs, is wikipedia.
  • Meta Tags
    Although many webmasters have ignored the use of meta tag, due to the search engines are now focused on keywords inside the contents, but having the right keywords in the meta tags is still important.
  • Headings
    Title headings are those which will make your readers curious about your articles. Just like when you read a newspaper. See what is in the headline? What if the headline used small caps, or even smaller than the news? It will look awful.
  • Inbond Links
    It is best that you used your keywords as the anchor text for the links, which lead to the other pages inside your site.
  • Site Structure
    The site structure, the overall layout of a site, will be the first eye catch for your first unique visitor from the search engine. If the visitor did not find that what he seek, he will look to what he might benefit from your site. If he left your site less than a minute, it means that you will have a high bounce rate. High bounce rate means that your content is suck, your site is not sticky enough, and the site structure needs a change.

What if I Exchange Link?

Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI!, said that you should exchange value, instead of exchanging links. He described about top ten fraud exchange tricks that you should avoid in his ebook, Make Your Link Works. You can download the ebook for free here.

  1. Some tricky webmasters will remove your link shortly, a month or two, after you completed the exchange.
  2. Your link is placed in an orphan page, in which inaccessible via home page, or any pages.
  3. Your link is buried within ten clicks deep, or the link text is using the same color, as the page's background color, to make it invisible.
  4. Do you familiar with this quote? You link to me first and I will link back to you! Don't bother yourself! They will never link back to you.
  5. Your link is placed in a page which full of outbond links. Search engines will consider the page as a link farm, and penalized the site. A link from a penalized site, will also hurt your site.
  6. Your link partners sabotage your link by adding meta tag to it, or placed your link inside a noframes tag to make it invisible.
  7. Your link partners use a referral link before sending it to you.
  8. Your link partners use a fake link using CSS styles.
  9. You don't get any benefits, if your link partners frames the link bearing page within a high rank site.
  10. You submit your link to a free web directories, but later, you find that the link is not free, and there is a hidden cost.

So, do I accept for exchanging links? No, I don't.

From where did I get my first dollar via online?

I got my first $25 online by accepting a sponsored post by an advertising company ($10), and a guy that emailed me to ask for a sponsored post ($15). I received the money via paypal. Although $25 is considered to be a small amount of money, but it will be worth a lot for orphan children.

I am not going to tell you about the advertising company that I used, because you will find lots of lists out there, just by Google it. After all, I blog is to ignore my boring full time job. Moreover, being an infopreneur, by sharing an information, is the easiest making money online strategy. Just find your niche, and start making money online!

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