Link Between Gallstones and Diabetes

May 17, 2013


My uncle who is an expert on alternative medicine, once said that, gallbladder is one of the vital organs for human. Fortunately, gallbladder is an organ that you can live without, after you had a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery).

But, a healthy gallbladder is needed for diabetic patients, because it can produce pancreatic hormone like insulin. According to my uncle, diabetic patients could be treated by treating their gallstones first. Although gallstones do not require treatment, but gallstones may lead to cholecystitis, an inflammatory condition in the gallbladder.

The Scientific Studies

In a study, insulin producing cells were seen to be retained in the gallbladder of a 53 years old woman, who had already undergone cholecystectomy. The woman had been a diabetic for the past 12 years. (Sahu S, et al. 2008)

Recent study in Nigeria, from 52 patients out of 400 diabetic patients with gallstone disease, had suffered from diabetes for more than 4 years. Gallstone disease in diabetes mellitus is influenced significantly by age, body mass index, and duration of the disease. (Agunloye AM, et al. 2013)

My Uncle's Diabetic Patient Case

In a case of dealing with a diabetic patient, my uncle used his therapy, in which he called it as, Jam Pitu, which is shortened from, jamu, pijat, totok urat, or translated as, herb, massage, and finger acupuncture.

When a man, let's say his name is Joe, met with my uncle for the first time. He was suffering from a strain injury on his little finger. Joe's right hand little finger was not able to be moved easily, and always hurt him if he enforced it. My uncle only check the vein in his right palm, then said to him, You suffer from a diabetes. Go to a doctor and check your blood glucose levels! But, remember not to take any medications from the doctor. Just only to check your blood glucose levels!.

Joe went to see his personal physician to check his blood glucose levels. Indeed, a lab test from Joe's blood, had shown that his blood glucose levels were at 400 mg/dL. Knowing the result, the doctor then prescribed medications for him. But, Joe argued to his doctor. Doc, I do not need the medications from you. Diabetes that I suffered because of this strain little finger, said Joe showing his finger.

Joe's doctor laughed suddenly. There are no link between diabetes and your strain little finger, said Joe's doctor. Joe then left the doctor's office without taking the prescription, and talked to my uncle by phone to set up a meeting.

My uncle went to see Joe, and listened to Joe's story about what he had experienced with his doctor. So, you are not taking any medications. Take this herbs, and drink 3 times a day. The herbs will be enough for a week. Next week, I will meet you again to do the massage to heal your finger, said my uncle.

A week later, my uncle went to see Joe, and massaged his right arm, but not his little finger. You are fine now. Go and check again your blood glucose levels!, said my uncle. Just that it?, Joe confused.

After you took the herbs for a week, Your gallbladder is working fine now. Did you also notice that you are no longer having any pains in your chest?, asked my uncle. Yeah, I noticed it. I also had a pain in my right chest, just before I took the herbs, answered Joe.

When the lab test result came out, Joe's blood glucose levels were dropping to 135 mg/dL, in which is still above the normal of 100 mg/dL. And then, Joe went to see his doctor again.

Hey Doc, take a look at this!, said Joe handling over the lab test result. You once said that, there are no link between diabetes and my strain little finger. See this!, said Joe with showing his little finger freely moves. Joe left the doctor's office, and leaving the doctor in speechless amazement.

My uncle also told me, that I should keep my gallbladder to always bitter. I was confused?!? That is, by consuming bitter foods or drinks, just like the bitterness of the gallbladder. If your gallbladder is bitter, gallstones will be disappeared by itself, and you will be healthy. Gallstones will lead you to diabetes and even cancer, said my uncle to me.

From Joe's diabetes case, my uncle's treatment was aimed to his gallstone disease. Although Joe has cured from his diabetes, but his blood glucose levels are still at high risk. So, Joe must pay more attention on his way of life, especially on his eating habits.

Joe's strain little finger was resulted from his gallstones. Because the presence of gallstones, the oxygen in his blood were not well distributed, said my uncle to me. Just like Joe's doctor, I am speechless. As far as I know, gallbladder function is not for distributing oxygen in the blood.

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